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Chapter 1: Lucy as the Catalyst

In Chapter 1 of Saint Maybe, Lucy acts as a catalyst for a great deal of the action through her mysterious ways and by incurring the suspicions of Ian. Specifically, Lucy’s very indecisiveness sets the entire story into motion. She meets her husband at the post office as she is attempting to decide how she would like to send mail, and the fact that she chose the more expensive form of parcel spurred Danny to meet with Lucy, setting their relationship in motion.

Another one of the primary ways that Lucy was a catalyst for the action in the first chapter was by hiring Ian as her babysitter. Lucy wanted two things by hiring Ian: to help him establish a job where he could earn some side case, and also so she could go out at night and have fun away from the children. However, this action ultimately created suspicions with Ian as he began to ruminate on the birth of Daphne. Ian realized that he and Daphne shared a birthday, and that the timing was suspicious given the fact that the young girl was born almost exactly nine months following Lucy’s marriage to Danny (Tyler 17). This idea sits in the back of Ian’s mind until he witnesses another suspicious action. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

One night, Lucy returns home very late while Ian is stuck babysitting Daphne once again. Although Ian is angry with her, he focuses on the fact that Lucy returns home with an expensive dress that she did not leave the home with earlier that night. Once again, Ian shoves this information to the back of his mind until he is bowling with friends. Ian takes the relatively quick conception and birth of Daphne into consideration along with the fact that Lucy came home with a dress that even she believed was expensive. Ian forms the belief that Lucy is cheating on Danny and receiving gifts from other men. Moreover, he believes that Daphne may not even be Danny’s child at all. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Lucy’s unusually late outings along with the suspicions that were risen in Ian cause disaster to strike. Danny, drunk, offers to take Ian home since Lucy is out late. Ian tells Danny his suspicions about his wife. If Lucy had been home and had not aroused such suspicions in the minds of others, then Danny would not have died that after dropping off Ian at home (Tyler 26). Overall, Lucy’s actions are not overtly the cause for some of these horrible events, but her presence and actions created the reactions in other which catalyzed the negative events.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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