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Ten Valuable Pieces of Advice for New Writers

Ten Valuable Pieces of Advice for New Writers

Lesson 1 draws a comparison between writing and dancing. Brignshaw advises that since both arts require practical and expert skill, it is important to prepare adequately. Preparation in writing entails establishing the purpose of a piece of writing, gathering the right information and determining the best format to present your ideas. The author also advises new writers to practice extensively. Notably, the practice involves trying out new styles and revising your work.

Lesson 2 offers two important pieces of advice with respect to the power of words. The first one is that the words you use should be powerful and influential in order to communicate and indicate actions effectively. The author of “Our Town: The City Diary” also implores young writers to use the correct words to communicate effectively and preserve the actual meaning and value of a piece of writing.

In Lesson 3 Douglas Coupland admonishes new writers to write what they know. The author suggests that for a writer to command recognition in a field, they need to invest their time and intellect in learning the subject. The second piece of advice we can draw from the lesson is to consider one’s personal stance when reading and writing. Both Yann  Mattel and Douglas Coupland contend that invoking one’s worldview breeds originality of thought.

In Lesson 4 David Foster Wallace advises new writers to read literature material that is difficult to comprehend. The author suggests that reading such material stretches a reader’s literary muscle while enriching their experiences. The second piece of advice is by Kurt Vonnegut who challenges new writers to be real. He opines that writers should find fulfillment in exercising freedom of thought and expression via their work.

Lastly, Lesson 5 advises young writers to adopt a paragraph as the unit of composition. To do that they should start a paragraph with a new topic sentence and conclude it alluding to the opening statement. Stephen King implores new writers to read widely to enrich their vocabulary.

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