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Teamwork And Interprofessional Collaboration

Teamwork And Interprofessional Collaboration

The U.S is one of the countries with a large healthcare workforce. I agree with you that nurses work in collaboration with other physicians and assistants in providing quality care to their patients. While the discussion posts notes that collaboration between healthcare professions lays a foundation for providing safe and quality healthcare, it is also worth noting that with the emerging lifestyle disease, working as a team helps other members to learn new methods of handling different medical conditions (Emich, 2018). Working as a team also leads to the provision of quality care since it eliminates the chances of medical errors. Lastly, teamwork hence in encouraging open communications. As a result, patients and family members feel at ease hence likely to accept certain treatments and feel more satisfied with various medical procedures (Emich, 2018).

According to the discussion post, the American healthcare system needs to implement change and meet the goals needed to promote individualized quality based care and teamwork among professionals. According to (Souza et al., 2016), when teamwork is embraced, it lays a foundation for assigning roles to every member. Not assigning roles to members will lead to certain members duplicating what was previously done hence leaving gaps in certain areas. The duplication leads to tie wastage trying to correct a mess created by one member and also leads to negative patient outcomes. In an aim of correcting such measures, teamwork and collaboration should be embraced in all aspects of healthcare.

One aspect that is worth noting from your post is how the ineffective transition of care from one facility to the other can lead to adverse health outcomes to patients. As a result, to ensure that there is a smooth transmission, different programs should be rolled out. Using an example of a program that can help in smooth transitions such as ECHO-CT from your post shows the effectiveness of collaboration. 


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