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Part I: Team Strategy Plan

Identify various strategies available to build teams.

Identifying the desired characteristics of the team will help target the type of employees to put on that team. The characteristics that can be built into the team work environment will produce maximum results. The first step to building the team, therefore, should be recognizing what qualities are needed in the people who are on the team.

Using already-established decision-making criteria in selecting the best intervention strategy will improve any team characteristics that are deficient. A mix of improvement interventions should be determined in order to apply the criteria for each member of the team. When it is known what can be done to address the characteristics that are lacking, management will be better able to select who is the best candidate for the team.

Explaining the rules that are set out by the management will help the team build an understanding of its role and the process by which to accomplish the company’s goals.

What challenges or barriers may happen?

Lack of eligible candidates can cause the team-building process to come to a standstill. This is when either a more thorough recruitment process can come into play. However, management can also take a look at the candidates it currently has to determine what areas of deficiencies in the team are acceptable.

Disagreement among management over the desired characteristics and goals of the team will prevent them from building a team with definitive qualities. When management isn’t focused and agreeing, it makes it difficult to have a team that is focused and agreeing. . [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

How will the best strategy be determined?

Measuring the team climate characteristics will help produce a team profile. Managers should determine to what degree each characteristic already exists in the environment, and what characteristics need to be added in facilitate building a team. Team climate surveys, diagnoses, incentive plans, and team development strategies should be measured for the selection of team members. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

What measures will you use to determine if the team is operating successfully?

Time commitments are effective tools at determining whether the team is accomplishing what it has set out. If milestones aren’t being accomplished in an appropriate amount of time, change is required.

Reviewing characteristics of the team will determine if the team is operating effectively. For example, if it was determined that the team members divide leadership roles, then it should be determined whether this outset is being accomplished or if certain people are too demanding of the responsibilities.

Part II: Conflict Management Plan

Conflict management strategies are relatively wide ranging. However, the executive conflict coaching style and workshop coaching are two common ways to setting disputes among employees. Executive conflict coaching is one-on-one. This is a strong way to gain an understanding of what is bothering each employee, in a closed-door forum, which can facilitate open communication with the troubled employee and the coach. However, there is little room for discussion between each party in this process. In a workshop-style conflict coaching method, where the employees are in the same room with the coach, there is more room for conversation between the employees. This allows the coach to have a better understanding of the way in which the employees interact with each other. The disadvantage with this is that an employee who feels intimidated by their counterpart, might feel suffocated into not saying what they actually feel. < Click Essay Writer to order your essay >

In the case between James and David, I would recommend a hybrid between an executive method and a workshop. I would talk to each employee individually to hear each side of the story. Then I would bring them together to see how they interact. This would provide room to come to compromise and accommodation.

A compromise could be that James stops spreading rumors if David stops interfering on the production line, if that is determined to be the case. James’s reviews have been strong, which indicates there is no problem with any alleged interference.

An accommodation could be that David and James work separate shifts. However, this would leave either one or both of them off the team.

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