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            The current integrated marketing concept between traditional and social media that Taco Bell is utilizing is a brilliant marketing tactic that is likely to continue to increase brand awareness and consumer patronage for the company. However, while the repositioning efforts of the company have been useful so far, more work needs to be done when it comes to penetrating new markets. One area where the company could focus its efforts is through the creation of its Youtube channel that would utilize “native advertising” as a means of generating interest in its current and future products. Native advertising is an ad that is transformed into an experience that helps to garner awareness about a company’s goods or services. This can be seen in numerous online articles that feature various businesses or services that seem like news stories but are, in reality, cleverly disguised ads. What Taco Bell could do on its Youtube channel would be to create Buzzfeed-style videos (ex: that feature a cast of characters reacting to different new products that Taco Bell creates, some could be real, the others could be fictitious. The primary purpose of these videos would be to generate interest in Taco Bell’s products through sheer entertainment value. For example, one of the videos would be “Chinese People React to Taco Bell” or “Russian’s React to Taco Bell.” These videos would show to American and international audiences how individuals who have no experience whatsoever with the company’s products would react to them.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Response # 1
That was a good point you made for your recommendation regarding possible changes to how Taco Bell should alter its approach. It is feasible and well within the current method of Taco Bell when it comes to its integrated marketing concept. There is some potential to it, but I am somewhat concerned about the operational issues that would go with this sort of strategy. Would it be possible for you to provide some examples to show how other companies have accomplished this? [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Response # 2
It is an interesting approach that I would not have initially thought of using. There is lots of merit to it, but I would recommend you help us understand how it might be pulled off from a budgetary standpoint. If it would be possible, maybe you can look around and see if there are budget examples involving your proposal. Providing them would go a long way towards making it a better plan.

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