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This article considers the implications of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act 1992 upon the health care services received by inmates in the (approximately) 50 federal correctional institutions across Canada.
This piece of legislation was designed to ensure that each inmate is provided access to health care, in order to uphold their human rights.

It also acknowledges the importance of essential and non essential mental  health care  to afford each inmate the opportunity to rehabilitate successfully.

Considering the above information, the article introduces a case study to investigate what processes of health care would mean in the correctional facilities.

The case study was carried out using data obtained from the Fraser Valley Institute for Women.
The study comprises eight sections including;

How Medical Records are Initiated, Health Record, Services, Screening, Health Promotions, Data Collection, Information Security Issue, and a section on How could HIM help solve the Information Security Issue. Findings and analysis are in the conclusion.

How Medical Records are Initiated; This section of the study outlines the procedures that are followed in order to create and maintain a medical record of every inmate upon admission to the facility.

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We are told briefly how each inmate is assessed, and by whom. i.e. Each offender, according to the Health Services 2011, is given an initial screening by a registered nurse.

Health conditions such as; dental, minor ailments, transmissible diseases and any restricting conditions are tested for.

Inmates in the facility are as divergent as the outside population, coming from all walks of life, and therefore possessing a range of medical conditions.

Thus, a second screening is carried out. This second round tests for various STI’s, and investigates family and medical history.

The second section investigates Health Records within the facility.

It explains how the medical records of each inmate are kept, and under what circumstances they are authorised to be released.

The study notes that in the Fraser Valley Institution, paper records are kept, apart from the pharmaceutical element, which is electronic.

The four conditions under which a medical record is allowed to leave the facility are;

1; If an inmate is moved to a different facility.
2; If the offender leaves the province, but will be returning to the facility.
3; If the inmate is transferred to a local facility, thereupon a liaison officer will take order of the file.
And, 4; If an offender is released, the file will be handed over to the National Headquarters of Corrections

Paper also covered:

•       Health promotions
•       Information security
•       Helping to solve information security issues
•       Inmates health status closely monitored

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