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Strategic Planning and Organization Culture in Public Administration

 Strategic Planning and Organization Culture in Public Administration

Residential Rehabilitation Centres (RRCs) are among the different avenues through which individuals with disabilities were housed in the United States. When analyzing the RRCs in the various states in America, it is evident that they were initially small during their formation; however, by the late 1960,s approximately 300,000 Americans who had different disabilities resided in these rehabilitation Centres. The fact that the residential Centres were located in the rural areas that were inaccessible raised concerns as to why the state decided to seclude people with disabilities, yet they also needed to interact freely with other people in the society. The increasing social, political, and legal pressures contributing to a decrease in the number of residents will also lead to all eventual closure.

When analyzing the residential rehab case study, it is evident that they did not incorporate strategic planning elements during their development. As a result, this has resulted in the RRCs lacking an organizational culture that will help them thrive in the environment in the long run (Poister & Streib, 2005). If the RRCs took into consideration strategic planning components, they would have gathered sufficient information about the bigger picture of their project before setting up the rehabilitation Centres in the rural regions.

Having a great organizational culture is vital in developing the necessary traits needed for organizational success. When analyzing the situation, it does not incorporate a set of ethical practices that inform and guide the actions of every member. The RRCs being located in secluded areas indicates that the disabled are treated impartially compared to the general population.

Developing a strategic plan is one of the critical ways of preventing a similar situation from occurring. One of the strategic plans that can be adopted is by ensuring that there is inclusivity. This includes setting a clear mission, vision, and values that every person should embrace in the organization. Setting these measures will help enhance the sustainability of these organizations.  One way to achieve this is by establishing other RRCs in areas inhabited by other normal people. Since disabled people also have civil and human rights, setting up these Centres in areas inhabited by normal people will help the disabled to feel valued. On the other hand, the abandoned residential Centers should be sold or converted to other revenue-generating facilities.

One of the challenges these recommendations may face is the lack of sufficient funds to set up other Centres and the general public not wanting these facilities to be established in their communities. However, this can be overcome by educating the general public about the rights and privileges of every citizen, including the disabled one. Additionally, looking for grants can be a quick way of solving financial issues.

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