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Sports Events Management

Sports Events Management

NBA Finals

The name of the event that I attended is the NBA Finals. The event was held between 30th May 2019 and 16th June 2019. The events took place in the United States of America and Canada, but the one I attended was the finals and was held in Toronto, Canada, on 16th June 2019. The teams that were playing included the Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors. The host for the event was the Toronto Raptors (Schuhmann, 2019). The hosts were well organized, and the event took place as planned. Many people attended the event. as it was the finals and everyone wanted to know who the winner would be. It was also a historic event, since the Raptors would be the first Canadian NBA team to win the championship trophy. I contacted one of the event organizers and informed him about my project and the reason for my attendance at the event. He was more than happy to provide me with all the information I needed.

The Toronto Raptors Won the Game           

This is an appropriate selection since it equipped me with the necessary information required for the project. The event was a dramatic one as everyone was amazed when the Toronto Raptors won the game as it was the first time for a team outside the US to win such a competitive match. This was an excellent event to have selected since it showed that sometimes the home team has an added advantage of winning a match. It was also amazing to be a part of the event, since it was really hard to get tickets. The Toronto Raptors, the home team, was well conversant with the environment that seemed to favor them to win. In addition, the selection of the event was necessary for the project as I realized that when one has many supporters in the match, the team’s morale is raised, making the team to win the match much more likely to be the home team. Besides, having selected an event outside the US was imperative to learn the event’s dynamics that will be useful to my project. I’d also like to compare in my report the differences I noticed with attending an event in the U.S. over Canada.


Schuhmann, J. (2019) The big moments: Toronto Raptors 2019 championship run.

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