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Question 1
How do you see the similarities between the abilities of 21st century man and Neolithic man? Where are the differences? Are there any?

I see us as both being designers of the tools that are used to increase our quality of living. In the Neolithic times, people used items such as stones to carve off skin from their prey. That improved their quality of life because it allowed them to make the most of the food that they had. That simple stone tool is an example of the Neolithic man facing a challenge, and then overcoming it by using resources. Today, we are faced with a challenge of overpopulation and a resulting food shortage. The 21st century man is attempting to overcome this challenge by using genetically modified food. This new type of food helps us harvest crops faster, and with a higher yield. So, just as the Neolithic man faced a challenge with creating food for himself, so too does the 21st century man face a challenge of finding food for himself, and both periods of man have found, and are finding, ways to ensure the efficiency of their food cultivation efforts.

Question 2
Is there a contemporary American ornamental system that you can identify?
The contemporary ornamental system in America is difficult to identify because the theme is so intertwined with various components of society (economic and social). However, it could be said with relative certainty that our ornaments are the people, particularly our celebrities. Our ornamental system is based on a lifestyle that is often depicted by our celebrities. These celebrities represent our desires. In essence, our contemporary ornamental style that is focused largely on celebrities is simply an expression of the want of material possessions. This is an ornamental style that relates closely to society, and it is spurred on by a capitalist economic system that has created a culture of consumerism. Celebrities are the personification of this material desire (our ornamental system), which is cultivated by capitalism.

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