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Sarnia Food Fresh Grocery has at its core a problem with management, and the employees respond by not working well, with the exception of one employee, Becker. The company needs to address its management, which will in turn improve the quality of employees in order for the company to be successful.

Because the main business of the company is taking orders from customers and then executing them exactly how the customer wants, an emphasis needs to be put on training each employee and supervising them until they are able to instinctively document all the information needed from the customer in order to make the best cake possible.

Employees are also not showing up to their shifts, which is likely an expression of their lack of respect for management. This could also be because of low pay. Mainly, in order to attract the best employees, the company needs to offer more money. While this might not be an option that Sarnia can execute, due to a lack of funds available to pay the employees, the company can at least bump the wages marginally. The employees who are slacking off should also be disciplined. Firing the workers would be an option if there were more people ready to fill the positions, though the performances will improve if current employees liked their job and recommended it to their friends. Additional people would also be interested in the job if more money was offered. The company could look at other ways of reimbursing workers, such as a free cake at the end of the week for good performance, or other incentives.

The company also has a problem with cross-training, which means that when an employee doesn’t show up, the other worker isn’t able to complete the job. The tasks of each position are relatively easy, so it shouldn’t be difficult to cross train the employees.

Employee feedback should be recognized in order to make the workers feel more valued and respectful of management. If they workers are heard by management, they will at least not build a grudge against their boss and not feel obligated to show up to work when they are scheduled.

Because several factors are fueling the issues at the bakery, an overall action plan should be executed and communicated with employees. This would require the involvement of all employees so they feel like they are a part of the solution and not just taking orders. Employees need to be made aware of the problems that are persisting at the company and they need to be told what is expected of them. Managers should also be made accountable for the lower-level employees’ work. The expectations can be outlined in the company’s core values and goals. Employees should then be made aware of what will happen if they fail to abide by the rules. Weekly meetings should then be scheduled to ensure the plan is being carried out. Weekly progress reports should be compiled and communicated to the group during each of the meetings.

In this case project report, I will identify the key facts as they relate to Sarnia’s business. The key central problem will be looked at fully and then the cause and possible solutions will be analyzed. Company decisions must be looked at with great scrutiny and must be lined up with the goals of the company. In order to find the best solutions, the plan will need to be compared to the company’s goals and then milestones will need to be set out to find out if the proposed solution is achieving what it was set out to accomplish. Adjustments should be anticipated as the company executes the solution as suggested.

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