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I would like to introduce myself: I am xxx xxxxx, and I am hopeful that you will accept me to the Master of Business Administration program at Vancouver Island University. I have heard and read nothing but great things about this program and I believe achieving an MBA from your school would help me in attaining my dreams. But to help you make your decision, please allow me to tell you about myself and why I believe it would be wise choice for acceptance into your program.

Many of my skills would translate seamlessly into the program at VIU. For example, I have been trained in quantitative methods, advanced accounting, commercial contracts and banking operations. With these skills, of which I acquired upon graduation from Kings University, I was offered a position as a teacher at the university. At the time, I was also offered a full academic scholarship to pursue Master’s and PhD degrees in accounting, finance and MBA. But I wanted to further my education in this field, so I turned down the offer to teach, and accepted the Canadian scholarship.

Throughout high school, I excelled in mathematics and I thoroughly enjoyed finding answers to challenging questions. But math has even been an important part of my life outside of high school. For example, my father owned a grocery store and he needed someone to help him with the many inventory calculations. At first, he was doubtful about entrusting me with the important responsibility, but I assured him that I was competent at completing the task. Within a few weeks, he knew that he could trust me to be accurate with the numbers that I was calculating. While these calculations seemed relatively simple for me, I always sought out complex math problems that I could really get my head around and now I am ready for my next accounting challenge. I view growing my mental capacity in this field involves studying Vancouver Island University.

Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies Assignment

The MBA program here is the ideal fit for me, not only because of its impressive credibility among industry professionals and my peers, but because the duration and location of the program is an ideal fit. The quality of the theory, practice and research also fits with the type of program I am seeking. I am particularly interested in the finance option with the program. I have known since college that I have wanted to pursue a master’s degree in accounting.

I have always been inspired by the dedication of many of the teachers that have taught me through the years. They have showed me such expertise and dedication in their respective fields. This type of passion for their jobs has inspired me, and I want to have asimilar role in my community that these teachers have had in theirs. I strongly desire having a major role in my community, whether that role is as a member of the teaching community or by participating in symposiums and seminars.

I am determined to be accepted at VIU, and nothing would make me more proud than to add an MBA through this university to my list of accomplishments. I know that it will help me on my chosen career path. While there is more than I would like to tell you about myself to help in your decision, I will leave you with one final thought: I have so much I have to offer to your program, and I know that if I am accepted, I will try my best to be among your most prized alumni of all time. Given the opportunity, I know that I will accomplish great things under the instruction of the faculty at your school

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