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People always find the need to know more about different topics. This is often the driving factor behind conducting research. The creation of a good research questions is often the determinant of how effective research is likely to become. Every research paper usually has an abstract, which provides a summary of what to expect from the paper.

David Lisak’s choice of title in the article “Repeat Rape and Multiple Offending Among Undetected Rapists,” is interesting and can make any reader want to continue reading. In addition, the use of statistics to show how many cases of repeat rape offenders happen in a society without being detected. This research relies on the use of incarcerated sex offenders to determine the frequency of such cases (Lisak & Miller, 2002). Also, in the article “Understanding the Predatory Nature of Sexual Violence,” Lisak makes use of different examples to make the reader easily find answers to the research question. For instance, by stating that the predators are found in the community and campus, he gives an insight to some of the places in which sexual violence are prone to happen. He also explains that unlike armed robbers or burglars, the sexual predators do not wear masks (David, 2011). He also goes ahead to state that most of the predators have histories of sexual abuse as children.

Therefore, upon the review of these two articles by Lisak, the choice of the research question is critical for determining the effectiveness of the research body. The research question is accompanied with statistical data to show validated results. In addition, he conducts the research over a longer period, and that makes it even more reliable. In conclusion, these two research papers done by Lisak are well researched and able to teach all readers something about sexual predators and repeat rape offenders. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

David, L. (2011). Understanding the Predatory Nature of Sexual ViolenceSexual Report Assault, 14(4), 49-57. Retrieved September 14, 2016

Lisak, D., & Miller, P. M. (2002). Repeat Rape and Multiple Offending Among Undetected Rapists. Violence and Victims, 17(1), 73-84. Retrieved September 14, 2016

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