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Do men and can men make a common culture if their material interests conflict?”

This sentence in the opening paragraph of “Relevance and Commitment” speaks to the topic on which is discussed in this story. The story is talking about the possibility of peace, and this question that is posed at the introduction is perhaps the most important to answer when dealing with the topic of peace in South Africa. The story provides South Africa as a prime example of a location where there is much conflict between two races, due to the diverging material interests of more than one party. The issues that are expressed in the reading are “racial problems.” So in making this assertion, the author is saying that there are material conflicting interests if there is two parties of different races inhabiting the same land, or else is could be a coincidence that the two parties with different religions come from different races.

The author builds his discussion with how it relates to art. He discusses the power of society and how it interacts with the South African artist. The censorship laws that control much of the artists’ work is a controlling factor on the artist’ craft. The power of the society enters into the way that the art is created, the author says. But society is not the reason why there is division among men with differing material ideas. There are a slew of reasons why people become divided. The alienation is because one group is either rejecting the other, or they are being rejected by the other. And this all stems from the fact that men can’t make a common culture if their material interests conflict, according to the author. The author is speaking of the condition of affairs in South Africa, and the diverging interests of the groups there.

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