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Nichole Meister:

Identifying the research question is a major step in further understanding the contention of the authors and the context by which the authors have drafted their study. The research question holds a significant role in contributing to the insights that can be drawn for the descriptive research at hand, particularly in its construction that would be contribute to a more meaningful outcome. By being able to identify what the question seeks, it is important to be able to address how the responses can contribute more meaning to the topic in question. The examination of how the Residential Care Youth Needs Assessment contributed to analyzing risk and protection factors is an important insight that can not only provide information on living situations and social and family relationships, but the insight can also be beneficial in the overall prediction of how the variables work in the real-life context. Research is a journey that must be supplemented with a knack for looking into more than just the variables.

Jennifer Gandara:

Indeed, the Stanford University was known as one of the most infamous of experiments because of the realistic appeal that had arisen due to the controlled conditions. Many people were actually swayed by the practice of the conditions and the way the prisoners acted has been subjected to much debate. The psychological effects of power are interesting to note because of the dynamic that can transpire in a controlled environment. The distinction that might be noted in the study is that, while the environment was controlled, the outcome was not. There is a notable change in behavior when different roles were presented, which not only provided a disturbing realization to the study, but it also gave insight on the ethical aspect of research. While many people would seek the benefit of research being connected with the goal of proving something or answering a question, we should look at the ethical foundation of why we do research in order to truly examine what we seek and assess means on how we seek such response.

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