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In “Journal of Health and Social Behavior,” Peter Conrad and Kristin K. Barker discuss the social construction of illness. The article looks at the roots of the perspective of the social construction of illness. The writers treat it as a “major research perspective in medical sociology.” Some of the illnesses, the researchers say, are especially embedded with a cultural meaning, and that is not taken from their nature of the condition that is being discussed. These cultural meanings act in shaping how society responds to the people who are affected by the illnesses.

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In “Tainted Space: Representation of Injection drug-use and HIV/AIDS in Vancouver’s downtown eastside,” Andrew Woolford discusses his assertion that people with HIV/AIDS are frequently seen as being responsible for being infected due to risky behavior and they are lacking in a moral virtue that is possessed by those who aren’t infected with HIV/AIDS. He says that the symbolic separation of those who are infected and those who aren’t is a ritual of purification for people who aren’t infected by HIV/AIDS.

In “An Alcohol and Drug Plan for the Downtown Eastside,” the author discusses the ways in which alcohol and drug problems can be addressed in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. The author discusses what it takes to build a healthy community, and what is lacking in the actions that are and are not being taken in the Downtown Eastside. The text also explains some to the initiatives that have already been tried in the Downtown Eastside, and why they haven’t been effective at curbing the amount of alcoholism and drug use. The text them explains its 18 actions that are included in a framework designed to take action on the problem in the dilapidated area.


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