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The Ford Pinto case offers insight into the ethical concerns with which many organizations have to contend. Ethics addresses the right and wrong of an action in an organizational or personal setting. In everyday life, we are compelled to make decisions that have an influence on the outcomes of our actions. Some of these decisions are not morally upright but necessary all the same. For instance, one may be compelled to forfeit an initiative that may have benefited a few people to satisfy the need of more people.

Dennis Goia’s case is a perfect example of the challenges that employees are forced to contend with as they work. In light of the Pinto fires, Goia’s address brings to light several ethical dynamics that prevail in the organizational setting. His ethical approach to the problem is known as utilitarianism ethics. Utilitarianism is concerned not with the prevailing action but the outcomes that will be drawn from the action. Even though Goia was aware of the faults in the Pintos, he chose to dismiss these faults as minor technical hitches. Pintos were affordable and therefore provided for the optimal option to many clients. The few glitches were not reflective of the benefits that were drawn from the Pinto. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

I find Goia’s address very informative. I never thought about the need to reinforce my personal values. Personal values have a great influence on the decisions that one makes in an organizational setting. Regardless of the dilemma, one is subject to in an organizational setting, their personal values create a clear path on the way forward. Most of the time employees intend to do good but then there are some instances in which they are truly unaware of the effects that their actions. However, I have prevailed upon myself to reinforce my values. This will be the metrics that I engage before making any decisions.   [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

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