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Reflection on the Influence of Emotions on Communication: College Essay Examples

The interpersonal relationship needs to be self-managed by the interacting parties to be efficient. In that case, the primary concept learned from the course is that self-regulation by balancing logical reasoning and emotional intelligence is vital in improving a person’s psychosocial abilities. Significantly, interacting with people and the environment is central to improving our cognitive and emotional intelligence. After taking the 16 personalities test, the results reveal that I have an adventurer personality. The essay writer strength of an adventurer personality is being sensitive to others’ emotions by establishing harmony and goodwill to avoid interpersonal conflicts (16 Personalities, 2022). In that case, as a communicator, I have learned that understanding other people’s emotions is essential in preventing interpersonal conflicts. Also, people with adventurer personalities have a vulnerable state of self-esteem that can easily be damaged (16 Personalities, 2022). As much as I can understand other people’s psychological needs, emotions can be used to destroy my self-esteem, making me an incompetent communicator. In general, as a communicator in the context of individual capacity and as a team member, understanding and using emotions efficiently result in healthy interpersonal interactions free of conflicts.

The efficiency of emotional intelligence is determined by a person’s ability to manage interpersonal conflicts. While on a social adventure with my friends on a certain weekend, I accidentally knocked down and damaged a colleague’s phone. Although it was an accident, my friend lost control of her emotions, becoming physically and verbally aggressive. We had been friends for a long, and it was upon me to ensure that she calmed down and prevented the conflict culminated in an extreme state. Among the conflict resolution styles, I adopted the accommodating conflict management style. The accommodating method of conflict management indicates low concern for self and great concern for others, viewed as a submissive way of obliging another person’s demands without contradictive personal input (Jones, 2013). I gave in to my friend’s demand for her a new phone, which ended her aggressiveness and restored our friendship bond. Thus, the accommodating style of prioritizing others’ emotions and needs before mine effectively solved the conflict.

The working association between emotions and interpersonal relationships is achieved via communication. According to Trigueros et al. (2020), “people with a high score in emotional intelligence are more skilled in perception and understanding of other people’s emotions and possesses better self-regulation skills crucial for sustaining constructive communication with peers” (p. 2). One of my strengths stated earlier is understanding other people’s emotions. In this case, understanding my friend’s emotions helped me exhibit the needed self-regulation to accommodate her needs. Self-regulation helped me avoid arguing with my friend on an accident basis, which could have intensified the already building tension.

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Individuals respond to the environment, including people, differently depending on how they perceive them. An efficient interpersonal communication involves exchanging ideas and feelings to attain a balance between cognition and emotion. Holding to reason only can be detrimental to communication in interpersonal relationships. Both reason and emotions influence my perception of a person to attain effective communication exchange. When communicating, I must weigh every concept and idea to be relayed through cognitive and emotional scales to minimize any associated harm to the intended audience. Also, I must apply emotional and cognitive skills when listening to others’ communication. In that case, feelings and logic are crucial in forming the needed perception to influence my communication skills. Improved emotional intelligence has made me successful in communication and sustaining interpersonal relationships. However, relying on emotions has led me to a compromising situation where I easily give in to others’ needs and demands. I am easily persuaded into making decisions that favor others’ demands. In that case, improving logical reasoning to balance the established reliance on emotions will make me more effective in communication. 


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