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It is amazing how humans make discoveries about themselves. As we grow, new realities emerge and we begin to gain interests and love for certain things. On a much personal level, there are various things that happen in my life and are seldom noticed even by myself. Similarly, just like everyone else, I have special interests that are unique to me. One thing that goes unnoticed in my life is my interest in nature. For many, interest in nature is easily noticeable through actions such as nature photography, environmental awareness, and living in a serene environment. However, for me, the interest is beyond such actions and is rarely seen. I have a deep yearning to understand more about nature in a way that is beyond academic or practical understanding. To a large extent, my interest and understanding of nature derive from the wonders and amazing things that surround me. It is more about the existence of nature as a creation of the divine.

I am more inclined to understanding the complexities around nature and what accounts for the existence of the amazing plants and animals realized in the world today. My inquisitiveness in this regard is largely a logical affair rather than a well-defined interest. This interest is of particular importance to me since it enables me to understand and appreciate what is beyond my comprehension. I find great value in letting the world stay its course and nature to thrive. My understanding of nature is, therefore, a kind of spiritual self-interest. I understand that what is important in life is not how much humanity can change the world, but how much they can leave it natural. Still, I understand the intricacies of managing nature in the complex world of population growth, economic interests, and human greed. Nevertheless, I am still passionate and hopeful that nature will trudge beyond these challenges to thrive.[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

To a large extent, my interest in nature and the beauty of the natural world goes unnoticed due to various reasons. I really love and appreciate the complexity and the existence of the natural environment not as merely as something to conserve but a reflection of the powers beyond human understanding. To me, nature is an indication that we are bequeathed with an intricate environment which we should always strive to conserve and protect. Therefore, I might not really make it an undertaking to plant more trees and protect endangered species, but I find it valuable and productive for people who do so. I tend to focus on what is already in existence rather than how to further the increase of the natural world. Plants and animals are beautiful when they exist at their natural, and it is important to let them remain in those situations. It is this kind of feeling that makes my interest and love for nature somewhat unnoticeable. People spend millions of dollars to protect endangered species and preserve them for future generations. However, it would be more prudent to take action to protect these species before they are endangered.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

At a personal level, nature reminds me of my existence as part of the natural world, and this is vitally important to humans. Humans tend to isolate themselves from the natural world, and this is what contributes to the destruction of the natural environment. When we view ourselves as part of the natural world, it helps us to better value the same environment as an enabler to our existence. More importantly, that realization helps us to reevaluate ourselves as humans. As humans, we are only better since we are charged with a duty of protecting the rest of the natural world as we live in it. Consequently, protecting and conserving the environment should be a trivial undertaking too general to be noticed. It should be the duty of every person and not merely a responsibility of conservationists, scientists, and advocacy groups. It is out of this realization that my interest in nature goes unnoticed.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

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