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After attending almost all the classes and completing unit 10a1, I grateful that course has been every effective and beneficial when it comes to project management. Through the essay writer course, I have managed to handle the project with ease and doing what is required. I have also managed to carry out activities like recruitment of participants for the research project as well as adhering to the ethical issues. Apart from that, I have also managed to learn some of the best data collection techniques like interviews and questionnaires, which are quite essential when eliciting primary data. In all overall, the course was very interesting, and a great asset as far as handling projects is concerned.  I have acquired necessary skills that will be of great importance to me in the field as handle workplace projects.

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By Hanna Robinson

Hanna has won numerous writing awards. She specializes in academic writing, copywriting, business plans and resumes. After graduating from the Comosun College's journalism program, she went on to work at community newspapers throughout Atlantic Canada, before embarking on her freelancing journey.

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