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Recruitment and Selection – Term Project: College Essay Examples

This report is the entire hiring process that will be followed in the recruitment and selection process of a director of a computer software company in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontorio. The company is a large organization with more than one hundred employees. The essay writer company is a leader and one of the most innovative organizations in the computing and software industry.

Entire Hiring Process

Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment Plan

            The recruitment team plans to choose a candidate who can fill the sales director position in the company. The incumbent director is meant to fill the position of the current director who is meant to leave the company shortly. The recruitment of the director will take place both internally and externally. Internal employees will be appraised often to ensure that they are aware of the process. Externally, the recruitment will advertise through the company’s social media, news pamphlets, local media and promotions, and by word of mouth. The recruitment team will then select a candidate from the list of applicants through a screening process explained below.


The job will deal with highly technical and advanced technologies; therefore, the KSAOs required for this job are mostly technical. The director of sales will need to have:

  • Bachelor’s degree in sales management
  • Previous role as a sales manager in a software development company
  • Bachelor’s degree is Software Development or other relevant Software Development Course will be a plus
  • Five-year experience as a program/software developer will be a plus

More so, the applicants should also achieve the general requirements:

  • The applicant should be fluent in English (other National languages are a plus)
  • Ready to work in a diverse environment
  • Should have good oratory skills
  • Should be ready to work long hours and other odd hours because of the nature of the company’s projects

Recruitment Strategy

            The recruitment plan is to seek applicants both internally and externally. Internal candidates are already familiar with the company and the processes the company undertakes. However, they shall still need to actively apply for the position so that the recruitment can check for the best option. The internal candidates will not need to fill the requirement of having previous experience as a sales manager because they are conversant with the company. Nonetheless, they will still need to reach all the other qualifications. The job advert will be sent to the internal employees through internal communication channels, such as the memo and company emails. Interested applicants should reply by sending an email to the recruitment team.

            The external applicants will be sent job application advertisements through various channels. The recruitment team will be heading the operation by using the company’s social media extensively. The social media includes LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and TikTok. More so, the team will advertise the job in the company’s official page. Finally, the adverts will appear in pamphlets in company’s social events, ad sections in newspapers, and by word of mouth.

            The job advertisement will be simple, but it will include all the required competencies to be held by the candidate. The advert will also include a description of the job that is on offer by the company. There will also be the company profile that highlights the very essence and vision of the company as a whole. Finally, the advert will give directions that should be followed by each applicant in order to apply for the job.

Recruit the Position

            The recruitment is expecting to receive many applications from this job advertisement. The position is expected to attract at least 200 applicants. These applicants should be ready to live in the vicinity of the company, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontorio. Although the job is computer based, frequent visits to the office are required for meetings and updates on the various jobs that are being undertaken by the company. More so, the assignment of tasks and task teams will usually take place on the company’s premises. The screening process will be the next step and it is expected to systematically remove the unqualified applicants.

Selection Strategy

Recruitment and Selection – Term Project: College Essay Examples

Selection Tools

            The applications will be coming through email. Therefore, the recruitment team has a mechanism to receive all these applications. This mechanism is the “Applicant Email Tracking System.” The system will be manned by a human resource representative who will be able to review all applications with the aim of eliminating all the applicants that have not reached the minimum requirement. This process should reduce the applicants from the initial 200 to around 30 to 50 applicants.

Screening Process

            The next step will involve phone interviews. The phone interviews are necessary to avoid large crowds of interviewees in the company hall. This interview is necessary to determine if the applicants are who they say they are. More so, it is important to know whether the applicants align with the company’s values and culture. This process could further reduce the applicants to 10 to 15 applicants.

            The next step will involve one on one interviews. The interviews will take place in the company’s premises. Each applicant will be expected to come individually and represent themselves. This interview will be able to work out the applicant’s skills, morals, ideals, and experience. The recruitment team will be able to analyze this information and further scale down the applicants to around 5 applicants.

            The final interviews will take place with the company executives. The director is a top management person and it will be necessary for the CEO and other executives to make a decision on the director who best fits their style of management. This interview will allow the company’s management to make the final decision. The final candidate will be chosen by the company’s top hierarchy depending on their preferences.

Interview Questions

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The five interview questions and answers for the first one-on-one meeting are:

  1. Question: Tell me about yourself

Answer: The applicant is expected to be articulate and express themselves clearly. The applicant should also be able to sell themselves in terms of their sales experiences and hurdles they have managed to overcome as sales managers or even personally.

  • Question: Who is a sales manager

Answer: A sales manager is the person who is responsible in leading a sales team in setting and achieving their sales goals and quotas, and to most importantly persuade customers to buy the company’s products. The manager is responsible in analyzing sales data and coming up with sales plans.

  • Question: Tell me your experience with data analysis

Answer: Data analysis is the process of going through data by transforming, leaning, and modeling the data in order to extract useful information that can be used to make company decisions.

  • Question: Draw for me how the demand and supply curve and determine the equilibrium price.


Figure 1: Showing the Demand and Supply curve

  • Question: Tell us about your motivation and why you think this job suits you

Answer: The applicant should be able to mention values that are consistent with company policies. The recruitment team will look for a person who is intelligent, conscientious, understands the company culture, self-motivated, and hardworking.

Legal Considerations

            The recruitment will treat everyone equally. It will follow the guidelines of fair treatment stipulated in Canadian law in the employment process. The process will give equal chances to all people including the disabled, minority, gender, and transgender. There shall be a parking space reserved for the disabled during the one-on-one interviews.

Finalizing the Hiring Process

            The final applicant will be chosen by the top management team. The applicant will be sent a job offer/letter. The applicant is expected to report to the company’s offices for further orientation after they have accepted the offer.

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Timeline and Cost

The timeline for the Interviews will be:

Details Timeline
Creating Recruitment Team – Assigning duties April 1, 2022
Creating and disbursing job advertisements – Deadline April 15, 2022
Deadline for final Applications April 30, 2022
Analyzing of all applications – Deadline May 15, 2022
Phone call Interviews May 16 to May 20, 2022
Inviting qualified applicants for further interviews May 25, 2022
One-on-one interviews June 15
Final Management Interview June 30

Table 1: Timeline

The cost for the hiring process will be:

Details Cost ($)
Recruitment Team/Personnel 4000
Creating adverts 1000
Phone Calls 500
Planning and executing one-on-one interviews 600
Planning and executing final management interview 300
Total 6,400

Table 2: Cost


Catano, Hackett, Wiesner, & Roulin. (2022). Recruitment and selection in Canada (Eighth edition). Nelson Serie in Human Resources Management.



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