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My mid term action plan was based on the issue of racial discrimination of members of the Black community in the name of profiling. I have made substantial progress in enlightening members of the neighborhood on the unfair mechanisms used by the law enforcement in selecting the persons for profiling. I have managed to mobilize a team of members to help in the spread of this message. The group includes both the members of the Black and other communities. Our neighborhood has people with different racial backgrounds. In the process of creating this awareness, I chose to enlighten people on this issue without targeting specific law enforcement officers. The original plan was to use the internet to make people in the neighborhood, and all parts of the world know about this issue of racial profiling. I chose to focus on the neighborhood first as the original view would require a lot of support, which I needed to be built from the neighborhood community. .  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

I managed to form a group of people from different parts of the neighborhood and informed them on the objectives of the plan. Many members confessed to having been affected or witnessed cases of racial profiling in the neighborhood. I also informed them of the expected changes if the proposed changes of the plan were to be adopted by the law enforcement agency. For awareness creation, all members of the team were required to inform their immediate family members and family friends. This would a faster way of ensuring the entire neighborhood is enlightened by people they can easily trust and give their opinions on the issue. Once this was done, we formed teams and then visited all neighbors while regularly updating them on the progress. I noticed that many people from the Black community were committed towards this initiative and some openly confessed to having been harassed by the police but never filed a complaint. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

I expect the law enforcement officers to understand that the entire neighborhood disagrees with the system of racial profiling. As a team, we agree there should never be any compromise on security. However, the choice of profiling people will need to change as that could also trigger violence among community members. The Police Department will need to draft a system and share that with the public. In this case, it only concerns the neighborhood, but if we manage to change the manner in which the Police operate within this system, it would be possible for other parts of America to adopt the same. Therefore, I would consider my neighborhood as the area from which the other parts of America will find a justified system through which they can provide security to all citizens. As a community member, I will take part in suggesting some of the agreed ways through which the law enforcement officers should engage people. In addition, I will also engage the members of the community on how they can cooperate with the officers as a gesture of peace. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

I have learned the importance of community mobilization and considering the ethical procedures to follow in taking action. While the use of the internet would have been effective, the information would have been difficult to manage. As a student, I feel that it would make a difference to show the community that they can easily solve their problems by establishing a united front. This is why my first step was to mobilize the community members and ensure they understand the objectives of the situation. Leading such teams requires that one analyze all repercussions to avoid any legal and ethical issues. In this case, I had to consider both legal and ethical issues to protect both the community members and myself. The reason why it was important to consider the legal aspect is that some law enforcement would consider that an opportunity to harass the initiative.

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