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The question of legalizing drugs has been received with much opposition considering the different arguments both for and against the debate.

According to Hartnett, legalization of drugs would not work in the United States. Possible reasons given by the article is that drugs are responsible for the poor economic condition affecting most states in the US. Likewise, the author relates drugs use to terrorism. In another article, the Law Enforcement Against Prohibition propose that legalizing drugs would be a positive move by the government. The author requires that the government should focus more on crimes rather than the drugs. When a person consumes a drug then commits a crime, the government should focus more on the crime rather than the drug consumption.
I believe that the arguments presented in my paper will be significant especially to various governments who opt to fight for and against drug use in their regions.

The same would also be significant to other agencies that are concerned with drug abuse in the country. The two parties will represent the intended audience since they are responsible for the regulations implemented in the country. Other people interested in the argument of legalization of drugs are lawyers. Lawyers are responsible for the interpretation of the law in the country, and thus their work is to assist in maintaining law and order in the country. Their interpretation would help in implementing the right choice.

My preliminary thesis statement will be drug legalization, a move that would prevent progress in a country. The justification relies on the notions of Hartnett where he condemns the processes of legalizing drug use in a country.

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