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Professional Development Plan


One method to ensure a person’s or an organization’s success is via leadership. It is beneficial to establish a professional growth plan as a leader. My vision, goals/objectives, and ambitions as a leader will all be part of my professional growth plan.


As a leader, I have understood what actions and directions I need to take to achieve my desired leadership style. This course has given me many valuable skills that I may use in my present job and the future. One of the numerous concepts I shall use from now on is conscious capitalism. It has taught me to be more open-minded and to set an example for others. This approach has shown to be effective in several companies. Within my present job, I aim to cultivate aware capitalist traits. Taking in all stakeholder feedback is one of the things I need to focus on. I work for a Parks and Recreation agency, and we need to respect the opinions of all stakeholders. We tend to concentrate on athletics rather than all of the activities and opinions of the community. Businesses that follow the conscious capitalism model will show that they are true value generators capable of pushing humanity ahead into the future. I felt trapped where I was now, but now I see the potential to advance within leadership. As a leader, improving communication is always a good idea (Körkkö et al., 2020). Everyone is going in the same direction when there is effective communication. Being accessible is another quality I want to possess. I want all stakeholders to feel free to contact me with any comments or issues. I want to keep learning as many leadership styles as possible to adapt to the optimal one. Integrity is a crucial key that I want to use regularly. I consider myself to be both a servant and a conscious servant. Another quality I want to embody is honesty. I will not beat about the bush; instead, I will be direct and to the point.


In 3-5 years, I see myself in a position of leadership. I would want to be in charge of my programs and system. Officially advance in my present position. I now work as a program coordinator and want to work in administration or a higher position in the future. I would like to work for a giant corporation. I envision myself evolving into a great leader as a result of everything I have learned thus far. I aim to impact people and assist them in their professional development positively. Assist others in following the company’s lead. I intend to be an excellent communicator. I will communicate as effectively as possible. I want to be a servant and aware leader as leader. A servant leader believes that it is his or her responsibility to assist others in learning and developing, feeling meaningful, inspired, energized, and contributing at their best. It is not about you; it is about the people around you. Not only do I want to be successful, but I also want my team to be successful. I will be more considerate of others and continue to assist in any way I can. In the most excellent possible manner, I want to lead by example. I want to be a mindful leader as well. Conscious leaders are aware of themselves and their surroundings, listening, processing, comprehending, and responding. I see myself as a leader that people want to follow and trust. I want to be more self-aware and trustworthy. I want to be a completely genuine leader who demonstrates who I am as a leader to others. I think that servant leadership and mindful leadership are inextricably linked.


The first objective I want to achieve in the future is to strengthen my relationships. As a result, I will form stronger connections with my team and others around me. By establishing that relationship, this particular objective will assist me in achieving the characteristics of professional excellence and honesty. A good connection with people around me will improve the work atmosphere and enhance performance. It will aid in the success of an organization and others. It will also assist me in developing relationships with people and better understanding them. Another objective is to improve as a mentor. I want people to feel at ease approaching me with questions, advice, or any issues that I can assist with. I intend to improve my listening abilities. A true leader strives for perfection while realizing that it is impossible to achieve (Rubens et al., 2019 Rubens. This aim will assist me in learning to accept and own my faults and errors. It will demonstrate to others that I will not hide my mistakes but accept full responsibility for them. Within the coming year, the next aim is to become more successful and provide safety programs for the community. My communication and leadership abilities must be excellent. Another objective is to learn about and appreciate diversity. In addition, I want to participate in additional webinars on how to build successful leadership in my company. I’m going to start providing more training to my employees. I want to begin communicating more effectively with my coworkers tomorrow. I’ll do research and provide a safe working atmosphere for all workers. I want to be able to comprehend and create an atmosphere that is inviting to everyone. I want to alter the workplace dynamic to be more diversified. Finally, I want to broaden my knowledge. It will assist me in staying current and learning new things. It is never too late to learn something new. All of these objectives will help me improve my leadership abilities.


My strategy for achieving these objectives is to be prepared to face them. I need to start reaching out and developing solid ties today to establish stronger connections. I am going to start having meetings with my team to get to know them better. When we start our first season and have staff back, I will start doing this. I need to go out of my comfort zone and reach out to people. To improve as a mentor, I must begin caring for and guiding others. I need to be more confident and stop questioning myself. I want to continue to educate myself and assist others in any way I can. I’ll listen to ideas and comments from others with an open mind. A positive attitude allows you to see the silver linings in the storm clouds and envision your objective, allowing you to “see” yourself accomplishing your goals. I’m going to quit relying on myself to get things done and start enlisting the assistance of others. This is something I’m going to start doing as soon as feasible. When I interview everyone, I will be open-minded. I’ll seek guidance from my father on how to become a more successful leader. He’s someone I can turn to for expert guidance. My supervisor can also assist me in achieving those objectives if I state them in our daily meetings. He will hold me responsible for ensuring that it occurs. Each day, I intend to grow and develop into a better leader, which will help me accomplish the goals I set for myself. Self-reflection is something I’ll do every day to ensure that I’m on track to meet all of my objectives.



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