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Various problems reveal themselves to international students in Canada. These problems often stem from the challenges faced by living in a country that is far different from their own. The issue takes form in various causes and effects that international students need to overcome to be successful in Canada.

One of the major challenges international students face is the difficulty finding enough money for survival, and to pay for school. Very few international students are fortunate enough to have their expenses paid for by a parent or themselves. International students are also challenged with learning a new language.

Home sickness is another major issue that international students need to deal with. This can be a major factor in changing the entire experience that international students go through when living in Canada.

Many of these problems result in low grades, due to of the inability to completely understand the language. While low grades is one major result, these issues have multiple effects, and they could mean the students need to live in extreme poverty to just attempt to gain academic accreditation and then move on to stable employment. Not understanding the language also presents major issues, such as not understanding the lectures. Also, they are challenged to be able to read the class material. Finally, they are challenged to communicate themselves clearly on written assignments. Even with tests that are multiple choice, the student often struggles to understand the questions. In order to fix this, students coming to Canada need to ensure they have a solid understanding of English prior to arrival. Or, students can choose to live in Canada prior to beginning their studies. Many students choose to work in the country before beginning studies, and this can help them understand the language and secure funds for their education. Also, not being able to understand the culture can lead to various problems, including not knowing where to secure health care. Many challenges like these can add up and make it difficult for students to find the time for studies. Other challenges that result from not understanding the culture are, for example, difficulty finding a phone plan, or knowing what the custom is when moving into a new apartment. International students also begin to miss their family and they want to return home; they become depressed and this could lower their academic achievement; they give up their studies because they start looking negatively on the situation that they are in. In order to fix this, it is important that the student become involved in the new community, and embrace it. It becomes a lot easier to not miss friends and family as much when the student has new friends to hang out with.

Causes and effects play such a significant role in all of our lives. In fact, the relationship is a factor in every component of our being. We are tired, so we sleep; we are hungry, so we eat; and so on. Being an immigrant in Canada is just one examples of the struggles that people can face, and these struggles are driven by the relationship of causes and effects.

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