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 “Key Takeaways From Profiling the Mayoral Candidates

San Diego’s mayoral candidates Bob Filner and Carl DeMaio have tried to put on an image that they are moderate. However, looking more into each of their pasts shows that they have a solid history of activism. While they were successful in their endeavors, they made some enemies along the way. DeMaio’s life is full of tragedy, as his mother died when he was just a teenager and he was abandoned by his abusive father. When Filner was a teenager, he helped in the civil rights movement and generated a nonviolent philosophy to battle against injustice. The article takes a deeper look into these candidates’ pasts, pointing to issues such as making enemies and how each candidate was able to earn his money.

I chose this article because it is interesting to learn about the past of each of these candidates. I found it particularly interesting to note that DeMaio was considering not running for office because he knew that his life’s history would come to light. This is interesting for me because I have considered what it might be like to run for office. Learning about the candidates’ considerations makes me reflect on how these considerations might affect my future decisions. I have learned already about many processes relating to mayoral campaigns, but looking objectively at an article gives me some insight about how much privacy each candidate sacrifices. The lives of these candidates are put on display to the point where potential candidates make decide not to run for office, due to the media spectacle that is sure to surround each of them.

 “Fact-checkers find few flaws in Clinton’s healthcare claim

Bill Clinton has made long and detailed arguments about healthcare, and the facts have been proven accurate by the cottage industry that checks facts. Clinton gave a speech at the Democratic convention in Charlotte, N.C., where he supported President Barack Obama’s healthcare law, while criticising the Republican’s Medicaid proposal. Some people doubted Clinton’s remarks about the fact that healthcare costs weren’t rising as dramatically as they were in the past, but the self-proclaimed fact-checkers’ research proves that Clinton wasn’t making it up. While Clinton didn’t directly credit Obama for leading to lower increases in healthcare costs, the fact checkers from said that the context in which Clinton made the remarks suggests he is siding with Obama. While the Republican National Committee couldn’t say Clinton is wrong, they said the climate Obama has created lends to dramatic increases in future healthcare costs. Clinton also defended Obama in relation to Medicare, saying the $716 billion in cuts that the Affordable Care Act introduced extended the duration of the Medicare trust fund.

I chose this article mainly because I find Bill Clinton very well-spoken and interesting. His politics and general views are major inspirations to me. It’s also interesting to note that Clinton, a man who has many supporters, is choosing now to speak favorably about President Barack Obama. It is clear that he wants Obama to be re-elected, and I know he is timing these discussions now so that Obama has his support and the chances of him being re-elected is much more likely. I’ve learned about campaign strategies, and it is interesting to see how former presidents are called upon, or volunteer, to speak in favor of policies that the current president elect of the same political party is supporting. Clinton has done a considerable deed to the prospects of Obama being re-elected, as he has likely convinced many people to vote for Obama this November.

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