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Without doubt, each and every day is an opportunity for us to learn. Undeniably, knowledge about what we can do better and where we need improvements can assist us in becoming admirable people (Jones & Loftus, 2009). Notably, just like any other person, I have personal strengths and weaknesses which help to define who I am and my individuality. In addition, in my life I have met threats and opportunities which have helped to shape my life in a positive manner. In other words, knowing about myself has helped me to use my strengths and opportunities to deal with my weaknesses and overcome my threats.
In particular, one of my greatest strengths is that I am not only open minded person but also very understanding. To clarify, I am a good listener and I pay attention to people problems where I try to put myself in their shoes. Consequently, this has helped to improve my relationship with my friends and fellow students because I try as much as possible to sympathize with them and be compassionate through helping them where I can. Moreover, I am an honest person and I find hard to tell lies and working in areas where there is no transparency. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

As a matter of fact, my strengths have not only helped me in my personal life but also in my careers. In other words, I have used my understanding, listening and reasonable nature to help me connect with different people while working in the human services fields. In addition, the fact that I am a processor in nature has helped me to come up with good and informed decisions during stressful times (Jones & Loftus, 2009). To illustrate, I am able to generate competent answers to the class discussion boards using my decision making and processing strengths. Equally important, I am able to perform well in my assignments through interviewing my neighbor by aid of my listening strengths, which has helped me to advance in my career.

On the contrary, the fact that I have several strengths does not mean I do not have weaknesses. As a matter of fact, people are different and each individual has a certain uniqueness about him or/ herself and hence it is of rational importance to not only focus on our strengths but also on our weaknesses (Rampersad, 2009). Of course, this helps to know the areas where we need improvements and strengthening. Precisely, I need to improve on my decision making speed because most of the time I take too much time before making a final decisions on my personal and professional issues. Indeed, this slows me down and it may have a negative effect on my career. With this in mind, I intend to focus more on managing my time to help me not to take too much time on a specific thing than necessary. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Furthermore, I have a weakness of not turning a blind eye to a person who needs my help. In some cases, where I can’t help a person I usually take the issue with me which is not good for my school work because it affects my concentration. To tackle this weakness, I intend to try as much as possible to help those I can and pray for those I can’t because it is not possible to help everyone in this diverse world (Rampersad, 2009). Moreover, I have noted that I blend in with the crowd instead of standing out and I can be impulsive at times. In this line, I need to focus more on what I believe in rather than following the crowd as well as think decision through rather than using my instinct to make them.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Nevertheless, I have had several opportunities in life which include a chance to be in a team at work that I collaborate with to make decisions. Indeed, being in a team has helped me to improve on personal qualities such as problem solving techniques and also my leadership skills. Moreover, continuing my education has enabled me to acquire more knowledge to advance in my career. Most importantly, my life experiences have shaped me and I have become a more understanding as well as a caring person.
Despite these opportunities, I face several threats in life. For example, I have faced a lot of competition from my fellow human service workers who also want to advance in their career. In addition, I fear that my impulsive nature might force me to make a drastic decision which I may live to regret. Furthermore, the fact that there are other people similar to me out there means that I have to be careful not to blend with the crowd.

In conclusion, it is important for everyone to conduct his or her own personal SWOT analysis. This has rational importance in someone’s life because it gives insights on the strengths and opportunities in a person’s life (Rampersad, 2009). Equally important, this helps one to build on his or her strengths and opportunities to deal with weaknesses and threats in his or her life, which has a positive impact not only on one’s life but also on lives of others who are close to him or her.

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