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Social media plays a vital role in marketing and businesses have mastered the art of using digital marketing. Technology offers all businesses, regardless of size the chance to reach their target customers and even expand to newer locations. Currently, social media presence is not just important for businesses to reach their target customers but also remain competitive in the market. Some of the common platforms through which companies can maintain their social media presence include Facebook and Twitter among many others (Morton, 2016). Companies now have the chance to explore foreign markets with the advances made in technology.

A strong media presence ensures that a company has a strong brand presence. Studies show that 64 percent of businesses have found the establishment of brand presence to have an effect on boosting their fan base. In addition to making businesses have a strong presence, it also guarantees exposure. The exposure applies to both the company and its target population. For instance, a company could keep up with current trends by constantly monitoring the social presence of its clients. The strong social media presence of a company enables it to provide customer care services (Morton, 2016). Many clients or customers might have queries on the provided products and services. With a strong social media presence, such persons should be able to get feedback in the most convenient time. Traffic and marketing are equally important for sales in any company. With social media, companies will find it simpler to market provided they find the platforms with the highest traffic. For instance, Twitter and Facebook are ranked as the most popular social media sites. This means that companies could find a huge potential of clients through such platforms. This means that the social media presence would make it easier for companies to market their services and products.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

FedEx is a shipping company that has mastered the use of social media in delivering its services. Its target audience includes embassies and governmental institutions, small business owners, and all other individuals that need to send something in any part of the world. Its target audience is any person or body that requires delivery services (Kasi, 2016). The use of social media enables FedEx to reach out to more clients and provide any additional information. People looking for delivery services are likely to make previous inquiries on issues such as costs and the time taken for the arrival. With social media platforms, this company can provide the interested persons with information needed to make decisions.

FedEx uses different social media platforms, and that shows why it has managed to attract global clients. The common social media platforms used by FedEx include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube (Atomic Reach, 2013). It updates these social media sites on regular sites with the aim of providing the target customers with any important information. The most updated social media platforms include Facebook and Twitter. These social media platforms have been most important when people need to find additional information. For instance, people having issues with the delivery system could just contact the company through the social media platforms and find answers. This option tends to be most affordable for people living in far areas.[Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]
The FedEx website is well designed, and it demonstrates different strengths. It has a very simple interface that provides people with an easier time in navigating through different information. It provides the clients with an option through which they can readily track their items. This would make it convenient even when people from different countries want to know the current location of their goods. The website also has a friendly theme that appeals to the visitors. The fact that people are required to log in to access private information is a guarantee that people are assured security when using this company.


Even though the FedEx website is well designed with a theme that would appeal to the clients, it could be made better in different ways. It should consider the use of tabs that take people to the social media platforms. This would be convenient for people looking to have insight on previous reviews on the company services. The use of flash images is known to be effective as it shows the interested persons of the different methods through which deliveries are made (Hemley, 2013). The official website only has a truck, and that could easily mislead people from foreign countries. It would have been more effective to include a ship, plane, and truck. That would assure people on the versatility with which the company operates.

While considering Facebook, the company could adjust its updates and provide people with additional information. This could include any special discounts on the delivery services. The reason why Facebook would be an ideal platform is that it has many users. The company should consider the use of social messages that relate to people (Hemley, 2013). This could include wise quotes or even funny videos. The use of such videos will break the monotony of only providing people with delivery services. The important thing would be for the company to make it difficult for the followers to know what will be posted. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


The use of additional slide pictures for the websites will be very effective in ensuring that new persons know the capacity of the company to meet their needs. In addition, it should consider the use wise messages and funny videos on the different social media platforms. This should depend on the nature of the platforms. For instance, it could use funny videos on Facebook while using Twitter for response to clients. It should be in a position to determine the best use for the different platforms. Even though the website is simple, the company should consider making it modern with a smooth look. Some viewers tend to consider the appearance of a website and relate that with the quality of services to expect. It should also create a platform through which people get to share their reviews with the delivery services. This will create the mentality that FedEx has transparency and confidence in its delivery services. Therefore, all these recommendations should guarantee FedEx a stronger social media presence that it currently enjoys.References

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