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1. A description of the situation, circumstance or issue – real or fictitious.

Leader Research Paper
In a fictitious situation, the fire department was being blamed for discriminating about a person’s age when deciding not to hire them. Typically, the fire department is able to hire anyone who has the appropriate training. However, because this applicant was turned down, the fire department was blamed for not hiring the person because they were only 19 years old. The applicant met all of the requirements that would secure them a place on the team; however, there were no more positions available, because they had all be taken up by the others in the fire department. This alleged age discrimination generated some issues with the staff due to the fact that the applicant was the younger brother of a person who is on the regular staff at the fire hall. That person felt their brother was discriminated against because of his age, and this began to generate a  some contention throughout the fire hall because the group began to also think that the applicant was discriminated against.

2. Why you chose the HR Policy that you chose.

I chose the policy that provides the fire department with the right to “manage hiring employees as the fire chief sees fit” (Human Resource, 2008). I chose this policy because this is the only way that the fire department can show that it is hiring people not based on their age, but on who is most qualified. It just so happened that someone who has more experience in the field applied for the position at the same time that the 19-year-old applied. While the younger applicant had all of the same basic training as the older applicant, the older applicant had 4 years of experience at a fire hall, in addition to other training that was done while on the job. These are advantages that the older applicant had over the younger applicant, and it is the sole basis in the decision to hire the older applicant. This policy will also show that the fire chief is required to make the decisions based on what it best for the fire hall, rather than what the chief’s personal prejudices might be.

3. A detailed plan of how you would enforce the HR Policy to members of your crew, including references to DiSC, and references from the HR unit (the use of Situational Leadership is optional).

I will enforce this fire policy to the crew by announcing it, and sending it to each of their emails. This will provide each of them with the information that is needed to understand that the policy will be taken very seriously, and that the hiring decisions are made based on what it best for the hall.

For employees with the “dominance” DiSC characeristics, I will be very logical and to the point. Basically, they don’t need to know a lot of the background, as they likely already know a lot of what is going on and they don’t need to know about the extra information. In the “influence” DiSC style, I will be very friendly and democratic in the way that I deliver the message. I’ll essentially tell them that it is best for the fire hall to have this type of policy, and this should ensure that they are on board and understand the reasoning for the human resources policy. With the individuals in the group who have the “steadiness” DiSC style, I will show them why this policy is needed. They need to know why there is the reason for change, and I will make sure that they are aware of the issue, and what the policy can do to help ensure that there are no further issues in the future in relation to who is chosen to hire. In the “conscientiousness” style employees, I will reassure them that the change is needed, and I will let them know that it isn’t their fault the change is needed.

4. An electronic copy of the HR Policy you chose.

Human Resource Policy Guidelines. (2008). Rensselaer. Retreived from

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