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It is true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. The heart is a delicate component of the body. It controls one’s emotions and determines the kind of relationship one institutes with another. Many times, people who like each other are prone to meet each other in continuous meetings. They like to stay together and engage in conversations that pertain to their dreams and interests. This process constitutes bonding. Bonds can be found in a family, hospital, or work setting. For instance, children love to stay next to their parents and their relatives because of the bond between them. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Nonetheless, courtesy of unavoidable circumstances, people have to separate because of a myriad social and economic issue. This occurs when the bonded individuals move to different locations or change their social circles. Regardless, distance serves to strengthen the bonds of the subject individuals. My opinion is a culmination of an event that occurred to me during the summer. As a family, my father always insisted that we stay together. Therefore, from childhood, we all lived together. I have two sisters and one elder brother who I was always at bitter ends with. He loved to play pranks on me and that exasperated me immensely. He made jibes whenever I was around him and would call me nicknames to my ire. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Given that he made me uncomfortable, I had always wished that he would go away for his studies. My parents were against this and reinforced the need for us to stay close to each other. However, on getting home one evening from my social pursuits, I found out that my brother would be moving to Baltimore for his undergraduate studies. It had been my brother’s wish, but my parents were both disinclined against the initiative.

“How are you going to manage Ed? You are not ready to live by yourself yet!”, my mother prevailed indignantly.
“I am not a baby anymore mom,” admonished my brother.

This line of dialogue repeated itself for the next few days until both mom and dad realized that they could not change my brother’s heart, and this was sad indeed. It was not more than three weeks later that Eddy left for school. We had not anticipated how much his departure would affect us. At first, I was elated at having seen him off. I indicated subtly and bluntly my happiness at having the house all to ourselves without the offensive Eddy. For the next few days, I roamed around the house and set about retrieving all the material that had been displaced by Eddy. However, after the third week, I noticed that I did not enjoy having all my material in one place. I wanted someone to displace them. But that someone was not there. Eddy had left already.

The house became eerily silent. My sisters would come from school and head straight to their bedrooms. I, in turn, was left with no one to play. My friends also refused to come over.   “Your house is too boring without Ed, man,” Johan, my next-door neighbor, jauntily forwarded. My parents, I noticed, were also trying to camouflage the effect that Ed’s departure had on them. They tried to say funny things to make me happy, but I could see that they were not used to his absence. Nonetheless, a wind of grace flew our way soon enough. To our joy, Ed returned three weeks later. He was sick and had to be medicated from home. I never thought I would be happy to see him, but when I caught sight of him, I ran to him. He pinched my ear and determined that I was smelly, but I was not offended. I was just glad he was home and even though he would always pull my hair and be mean, he was my brother. I could live with the jibes as long as he would always be around. Indeed, it is only in the absence of our loved ones that we realize how much they mean to us. Therefore, one could always agree, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

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