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Leadership Qualities

Leadership Qualities

Tell us about any leadership and community engagement opportunities that you have been involved in, and how these experiences have enriched your learning.

Leadership qualities are important attributes to consider when enrolling in a universitykey attributes in a successful university applicants. I believe that Components of a strong leader are:I possess these characteristics such as integrity, commitment, communication, adaptability, self-awareness, honesty, accountability, optimism and executing appropriate actions to achieve set goals. I possess all these qualities. As a essay writer graduate of Fanshawe College in London, Ontario, I had the opportunity to learned and obtained new skills and experiences through international volunteering, open house volunteering, peer tutoring and mentorship programing. The most significant experience was my involvement as a peer tutor, participating in the Haiti Awareness Program and being an active mentor in a mMentorship program.

During my time as a peer tutor, I was responsible for showinginstructing students how to achieve their academic goals and. Through this experience, I  worked to developed effective learning habits and new skills that will prove useful throughout my academic studies and into my career.. This experience helped me to develop superior organization skills and maintain a positive attitude to accomplish tasks and duties.

With the Haiti Awareness Program, I had the opportunity to visit and interact with locals. The team visited nutrition centres, kindergarten classess, and schools in cities and on the mountain. I also had a chance to workworked with caregivers in theose institutions,  to develop Microsoft Excel tools equipped toto track children’s growth progress and patterns.

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These circumstances strengthened my belief in the life-changing opportunities of quality education. I learned how to adapt to the local culture despite barriers such as language. Becoming flexible was a result of my communication skills, as I had to cope with various situations. By being sincere and willing to learn new things, I succeeded in building strong relationships that led to an overall positive experience.

I am currently a mentor to someone who is in the same industry. I am responsible for discussions via email and phone to discuss various aspects of the workplace and offer advice on short-term and long-term goals. My background has enabled me to enrich experience with education and allowed me to continue my community involvement.

In conclusion, I believe in the importance of integrity, communication, adaptability and group work to achieve academic-related goals, which eventually leads to professional and personal success. 

Tell us how your program at university will help lead you toward your future goals and aspirations.

I am pursuing registration in Applied Mathematics/Computer Science at the University of Western Ontario. Achieving this goal will allow me to comprehend greater equations and enhance my understanding of mathematical related phenomenon in our society. Working in the financial industry, I have strengthened my passion for the use of mathematical patterns in everyday life. I always work with a tremendous amount of data, which has allowed me to increase my interest in detail-oriented work and expand my passion for mathematics and computer science.

This skill will help me be a very organized and structured student.

With my knowledge, experience and acquired skills, I am willing to undertake any responsibility as a potential student in the Applied Mathematics program at the University of Western Ontario. I also believe I have the ability to demonstrate strong leadership in the community and through schooling and want to continue my work in this field as well.

I want to be in an academic environment that will enrich my knowledge and passion for mathematics, computer science and education. I believe that Western University is the ideal place for me to grow intellectually and personally.

If you have extenuating circumstances that may have affected your academic performance, please take this opportunity to tell us about them.

The main struggle I’ve had in my academic career was financial issues regarding tuition fees. Moving to a new city, as a freshly graduated high school student, requires many responsibilities including settling in a new community, learning about the school system, and supporting myself.

My mental health has also suffered for a period of time. Because of financial instability, I started to experience depression in early 2013. I was very naive about depression. It made me think that depression is not a real thing. Therefore, I was not seeing my doctors or counsellors to treat my depression and bipolar disorder back then. This led to a little disorganization in my life.

However, I realized that I had to do something to move past it. I started to see a doctor and got a prescription. I was on this medication for almost a year during college. I am in much better shape now; I was able to stop taking the medication, because I found a counselling service at Fanshawe that really helped me. Talking about my feelings and what I was facing with professionally trained counselors made me feel much better about myself. This directed me to keep an open mind and learn new behaviors and techniques that I could apply to my personal and academic life. This experience taught me to utilize resources within my environment and learn new approaches that can benefit my mental health.

Now I am confident that my financial difficulties can be overcome through budgeting, which will grant me the opportunity to make concise future financial plans. Also, my work experience has enhanced my ability to manage my spending with smarter planning and forecasting. Achieving a degree from Western University in the field of Mathematics/Computer Science will open a lot of doors for me in future endeavours I wish to pursue in this field.

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