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After a recent move from Washington State with my two children to California, I have been researching the schools that would be the best fit for me to pursue my dream of becoming an accountant. My family moved here after my daughter was accepted into the graduate chemistry program at UCLA, and now this is where I will make my home for the next several years, if not permanently. It is important for me to be here with my children – the other is a 20-year-old who is also a college student. While I have goals of my own, and I was at college in Washington, I know that I have to balance my personal interests with the interests of my family. As far as my own goals of becoming an accountant goes, I have progressed substantially over the last six years after moving here from Uzbekistan.

I have already been an accountant in my home country, but I wanted to move to the United States for a better quality of life for my children. While taking my knowledge base that I gained while living in Uzbekistan, I hope to develop a life here working in the profession that I love. In the last six years in the United States, I have completed an ESL program. Later, I went to Highline Community College for two years in the Associate in Business program. After that, I went on to the Central Washington University, where I completed 40 credits towards an accounting major. I have progressed so much in my time here, and the knowledge that I gained while studying accounting at Central Washington University has put me in a strong position to continue to achieve at your college. Moving to California has certainly been a worthwhile experience, but to further progress in my dream of being an accountant in the United States, I have to continue my studies, which have already brought me so far.

Since arriving, California seems like a place where I’d like to live for a long time. My children like it here and I know that the next step for me is to enrol in a school where I can further my education in accounting. My journey to this point has been such a learning experience, and it has sharpened my skill at figuring out what I need to do – and I now know what I am capable of. The many struggles that one faces when moving to a new country are daunting, but I have accomplished so much and my children are my greatest achievement. I know that my family will all be studying hard under the same roof, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to get started. My family loves to learn and the logical next step for me is to get started in post-secondary education in California. I bring with me such a great impression of schooling in Washington State, and I know that quality education will continue for me in California.

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