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Dear applicant reviewer,

I wanted to take this opportunity to list several of the reasons why I am a top candidate for the Masters in Business Management at … . Already, I have completed an Associate Degree in Business Administration from the Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica, West Indies. That achievement is in addition to the credits I have achieved in Teachers Education from the same university, which count towards a BA. Currently, I am completing a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management at the College of Staten Island.

While I have already accomplished what many consider to be a high level of education – while also achieving a 3.6 GPA – my career goals demand that I continue my schooling. I also completed an Economics Degree in Russia (4.7/5.0 GPA), an Associate Degree in International Business from CUNY, and a BS in Business with a Management Minor in finace (3.465 GPA). Though I have acquired high grades, I feel it is the personal enrichment I have gained that is the most valuable component of my education. I know that attaining a Master’s in Business Management will not only help to further enrich my life, but will also provide me with the credentials I need to further my career. My last academic step is to achieve my PhD.

But being educated isn’t the only reason I believe I am a top candidate for your program. I also have a long career that has focused on administrative duties. In fact, I believe my time (from 1994 to 2011) as an administrator will help me in my chosen career as a business manager. But my education and experience are just a couple reasons why I believe I am a top candidate at your school.

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