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Personal Monologue

With sadness, I share with you some personal pain.  However, doing this present some hope at purging negative demons. My loving partner of 5 years and I have just announced our engagement.  Under “normal” circumstances, this would be the cause of joy and celebration to those around us who are witness to our happiness together, and for 95% of the kind, kindred souls that populate our world, this has joyfully been the case.

Unfortunately, the news has been like a “bomb” amidst our families.  My partner was diagnosed with stage 4, terminal cancer earlier in the year. Therefore, the decision to move forward with marriage was not easy.  We know that the complications of dealing with chemotherapy, debilitation, constant visits to the hospital, and the prospect of an uncertain amount of time (a few years to several years?) make the responsibilities and planning of marriage for the long term even more full of challenges, but yet, we have made this solemn choice so as to focus on the “light” and not the dark.  I personally think it is important for my partner to have happiness and positivity as an area of focus in his life to enjoy as a counterbalance to all of the horribly difficult, scary and painful things he is dealing with medically.   [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Our biggest challenge beyond fighting medical battles, is the attitude of our families. We would normally expect their love and support for moving forward with our lives, but instead, we encounter their steadfast advice against marriage in the wake of the cancer battle.  We are deeply hurt that our families are boycotting our wedding, but we will move forward undeterred and will make it a joyous occasion surrounded by our many friends, who now become, more than ever before, our “family.”[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Historical Monologue

General Lee’s letter arrived just before lunch, and upon reading it, the migraine headache I had harbored since the night before suddenly disappeared.  The question, now set forth, was to choose a place appropriate for his surrender of The Army of Northern Virginia, an action that would surely bring an end to these several years of national, self-inflicted catastrophe.
The larger dilemma above this was to decide how to treat these nearly 30,000 combatants and their most noble of gentlemen leaders, my former classmate.  Should I benevolently dispense mercy, or administer a harsh judgment and sentence for the thousands of deaths and untold destruction upon my forces that they had undertaken wholeheartedly to achieve these past many years?  Was I to be a jailor and punisher or a peacemaker to fallen “brothers?”  These questions weighed heavily upon my conscience all throughout the lunch hour, and I could hardly take a bite of food.

After much consideration, I decided that I could not be a part of worsening the huge gash that now afflicted all of us, but instead saw mercy as the only way forward.  I allowed Lee and his men to peaceably disband.  His officers could leave with their personal possessions and side arms, while his rank and file could keep their horses and mules to take home for the spring planting, now imminently upon them.   Now was the time for healing, for returning to long neglected families (those that were left), and to begin to mend the broken fields, fences and bridges.   [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

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