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Option 2: Bullying

Option 2: Bullying

Bullying plays a big role in school shootings as many shooters are believed to have experienced prolonged bullying and harassment (Gordon, 2021). In an act of revenge, the school shooters were rarely impulsive as they planned all their actions, they did not warn or threaten their targets. Before the attacks, most shooters showed behaviors that caused concern to others. Parents should keep the lines of communication with their kids, comfort and advise their children on how to handle bullying (Gordon, 2021). Such communications may reduce school shootings as the oppressed children can seek support and help from adults. Parents should understand the concerns of their kids as most shooters own a bad profile, they have an indiscipline history, differences in class, race and family problems.

Bullying is common in middle school; it occurs frequently from sixth to eighth grade. Most bullies and victims are boys (Gordon, 2021). Females mostly are verbally bullied, they are teased, given names, taunted and threatened to cause harm to them while most males are physically bullied, they are kicked, spat on, pushed and taken things from. When it comes to bullying, boys and girls typically use different tactics. Males are taken to be strong and independent while females are to be sensitive and understanding. Teachers and guardians should develop bullying prevention methods and interventions to combat gender bullying (, n.d.). Society believes that boys should be powerful and dominant and if being anything less than those characteristics they will be a target for bullies. Females experience sexual harassment more often than males. Since males and females are bullied differently, some are more severe than others, others may also go unseen, teachers and parents should develop different strategies for tackling different scenarios.

Experts in bullying have done several studies on school bullying, its effects and its consequences. Psychologists are assisting schools in establishing bullying prevention and intervention strategies (Crawford, 2002). They say bullying is a familiar act for kids in school and is growing at a higher rate. Psychologists in their research found that boys are more likely to be bullies and victims than girls. Also, boys undergo physical bullying while girls experience verbal bullying. Victims have a problem adjusting socially and psychologically to their environment and socializing with people is hard for them bullies and victims experience stigmatization and are bad performers at school.

Parents should start educating their children from a tender age to be caring and supportive to other people (Colino et al., n.d.). Altruism behavior in childhood is an indicator of altruism in adulthood for instance when a child starts showing the urge of caring and understand others while still young, when becomes an adult will still show the same traits they had as a kid. Psychologists believe that altruism and selfishness are there from the start and are competing against each other. A study by psychologists indicates that kids from a very young age can help when they see the urge to even when not wanting help from them (Colino et al., n.d.). Most children learn altruism from their parents and imitate their behaviors.

In conclusion, bullying is awful behavior that should be eliminated to create a good environment and atmosphere for kids for them to be able to accept each despite the differences they possess.


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