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Odyssey Literature

  1. Elements of Hospitality, Xenia Features and Line Numbers

Odyssey Literature

Like any epic work, the “Odyssey” is a social statement that tracks the average individual’s routine development and provides data on the power and rationality encountered on Teacher’s Day. The constant value of the galaxy of the Odyssey compound is warmth, which is a unique and universal social element in all reasonable matters, the basis of all modern social orders and outdated Greek social philosophy. The neighborhood, also known as the “visitor family relationship”, is the social aspect that men expect in the Greek world (Tole, 2005). According to neighborhood rules, men stay to give guests food, baths, club aids, night lighting successes, and security will improve as they reach their next destination. Telemachus is the blood relation of the four basic books of the Odyssey, which provides early sketches of good comfort to both the guest and the visitor.

  1. Omer varied this Scene of Hospitality from the Norms of the Xenia-Scene

In Volume 9, Ulysses meets Princess Navsiko. Princess Nawsika did not notice the Xenia  of strangers and the possibility of changing this matter, and offered him food and help in appearing in Sharia. He is assisted by his family, the ruler of Arsinosa and the ruler of Aretta. When they passed by and heard the name of Ulysses, they gave him food, and shelter (Tole, 2005). Alkinus thinks about its convenient aspect of maintaining responsibility for large animals and dispersal. As the calls peak, Cyclops also pays for the bizarre system of harassing neighbors with its extraordinary lead overview with the audience.


  1. Odysseus overall transition from the world of war to the more domestic problems in Ithaca

In the first book, Athena comes to Ithaca in Attica because she still knows her personal intentions to convince Taylor Marcos to find information about the Odyssey. Where appropriate, Telemaco invites its visitors and delivers them food and drink before asking. Telemack’s attitude is particularly evident by the mental disabilities of other family members (Bittlestone et al., 2005). In addition, Telemachus demonstrated the credibility of the audience in the courts of Bylos and Nestor and Menelaus in Sparta, joined with his Lord’s family, and treated them with respect. The form of good comfort mentioned in the Odyssey is the features he had when Odysseus rushed to the beach near his city.

  1. Odysseus persona making so that Eumaeus sympathizes with him

The story, a text of the 2nd century that changes the performance of Homer’s epic chapter, is credibly called an important and lasting intellectual work. Their account of the rise of the Odysseus style in the Mediterranean and the strange creatures makes him gain sympathy with Eumaeus he and his men experienced (Bittlestone et al., 2005).  HG Wells, they took an interesting starting point and their shocking journey became an incredible political record on issues related to class and money. Like Odyssey, Homer’s proposal for a reasonable increase does not fully guarantee that individuals reflect Greek debt.

Although Ulysses does not question the role until the feasts meet their needs, Cyclops asks that it be the main feature of his Greek guests: then instead of preparing dinner for the guests, they prepare a good experience for them, choose two men and eat them in cold blood. Finally, when Odysseus asked the laser “thank you from the audience”, it was a testament to his ability to see the cohort, and the laser eye expressed resistance to the common place (Bittlestone et al., 2005).  He would eventually eat Odysseus. In “Odyssey”, being a fair spectator is just as important as being a decent host. ways does the conversation between Athena and Odysseus in Book 13 serve to illustrate and affirm the kinds of behaviors and mindsets valued so far in the Odyssey

  1. Odysseus the persona in such a manner that Eumaeus will be particularly sympathetic

Odysseus makes a strong bond with Eumaeus in their normal interaction entering the guest placefrom a distance, the fans will go to the most influential place. Telemach describes his leadership ability in book Two: “They swim day and night into our big house, slaughtering cows, sheep, fat sheep, swallowing them, eating our bright wine, anyway (Tole, 2005). Only 9/6 of the Odyssey work in the books Odysseus says, Has always been the most important and pivotal aspect of this work, not to mention that the first deal was a “sublime departure” that progressed gradually, beginning with a folk tale, near the science fiction “Odyssey”, perhaps the most interesting ancient portrait of this remarkable journey confirmed by Lucian



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Odyssey book9,15 and 14






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