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Nurses play an important role in the provision of public safety, and this is seen in different levels. While people have always considered the roles of nurses to be dependent on that of doctors, they play a bigger role in the provision of public safety.  [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

Individual Level
The nurse and clients have to engage in different behaviors while they aim to reduce harm and increase safety. At the individual level, the nurses are required to provide the clients with appropriate and clear information on the illnesses and treatments involved with each session. This will guarantee transparency in the treatment process and in return make the clients know what to they can do to make their health better (Ballard, 2003). The clients will also have to seek additional opinions on the health issues from the nurses. In addition, the clients need to visit the state and federal health information sites and learn more about the treatment processes. On the other hand, the nurses have to use their critical thinking skills and make the right decisions when dealing with different clients. The important thing with thinking critically would be guaranteeing the patient’s safety. Also, the nurses should do everything possible for the clients to place in the best position for nature to help them heal. This could include the use of clean sheets and medical apparatus. The nurses should establish a good relationship with their patients as that would make it easier to make the patients engage in these behaviors. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Health System Level
The health system level refers to the entire model through which nursing services are offered. In this case, the nurses have the mandate to comply fully with the system policies. The nursing administrators have the responsibility of choosing effective management techniques. Some popular elements of such a management include participative management, quality leadership, creative and flexible staffing with a favorable ratio of the nurses to patients, and a positive image of nursing (Ballard, 2003). When the system is favorable towards the nurses, then they are likely to offer their best services. The nurses can play a variety of roles in ensuring the implementation of these strategies. In participative management, the nurses will be required to take part in policy making as that would mean an improved relationship between the nurses and management. While considering the issue of quality leadership, the nurses will have to share with the management on emerging issues and have them addressed within the ideal time. Health institutions are known to face different challenges based on the emerging trends, and that makes having a quality leadership vital to the guarantee of public safety. On the issue of patient-nurse ratio, the nurses have the responsibility of sharing with the management on the number of patients within the institutions and compare that with the number of nurses on duty. The management will have the responsibility of ensuring the increased number of patients does not overwhelm the nurses. When it comes to the creation of a positive image of nursing, the system needs to show that it appreciates the services being offered. This could include giving credit in the form of privileges and even benefits based on performance.

Community Level
While considering public safety at the community level, one needs to consider the different stakeholders involved in such an initiative. These include the government (health department), Non-Governmental Organizations, Community leaders, School administrations, and the community members (Ballard, 2003). All these people have influential posts, and that makes them important in the case of public safety awareness programs. For instance, community leaders and school administrations can easily reach a large number of people and share any relevant information within the shortest time. On the other hand, the Government and Non-Governmental Organizations have access to resources that could ensure a wider number of people are reached. The community members have to avail themselves to the public safety programs and show the willingness to participate and contribute on some of the new issues affecting them. The nurses could play an important role, as they are the ones that deal directly with all these stakeholders. In the case of community members, the nurses could come up with public safety campaigns to inform people about the best health practices in which to engage. While dealing with the Government and Non-Governmental Organizations, the nurses could provide the bodies with proposals on different public safety campaigns. In addition, they could also draft proposals to these two bodies to get funds to promote public safety. The school administrations and community leaders can be approached directly by the Nurses on different issues about Public Safety.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]


Ballard, K. A. (2003). Patient Safety: A Shared Responsibility. Retrieved September 16, 2016, from The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing:

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