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Bibliography Essay

Bibliography Essay

Carlson, B., & Frazer, R. (2015). It’s like Going to a Cemetery and Lighting a Candle: Aboriginal Australians, Sorry Business and essay writer social media. AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples11(3), 211-224.

The journal is focused on cultural practice of death and funeral among the Aboriginal, the Indigenous people of Australia. The practice is constantly present in these communities. The study highlights high rates of funeral attendance among the Aboriginal communities than other indigenous groups in Australia. The author attributes the high rate of funeral attendance to the cultural practices around death and funeral in these communities. These has been extended to online in the form of sorry business by way of offering condolences.

Gray, A., & Tesfaghiorghis, H. (2018). Social indicators of the Aboriginal population of Australia.

The social indicators of aboriginal people are presented amid the growing demographic change in this population. It examines the massive demographic change over the last three decades to arrive at fundamental social issues. The key changes include age sex structure, growing young and middle adult population and accelerating growth of families and households. This journal is important to paper because changes in these social indicators have affected the cultural customs and beliefs of the aboriginal population.

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Hafner, D. (2016). Death, funerals, and emotion in an Australian Aboriginal community. Ethnos81(5), 913-932.

The journal examines the emotions that characterize death and funeral in the aboriginal population and how they approached it via the cultural practices. It describes the actions of kin during grieving periods and demonstration of their concern following the loss of their loved ones. It is evident from this study that funerals in this group mark a social change and are characterized by immense expression of grief but is also considered a part of life trajectory. Accordingly, all the spheres of actions during funerals require observance of a cultural value of respect. Therefore, the study underscores the significant role of cultural practice during funerals in this population

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