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Thesis: Society concept on sexuality and its hindrance to self-acceptance.
Self-acceptance is a vital aspect of human life. At times people live in denial but are turned around by an occurence or an event; somethings happen in life that facilitate one’s self-acceptance. The paper focuses on such an occassion when a Man’s experince aids his sexuality acceptance.

It can be noted that it is in Giovanni’s room that David was able to come to terms with his individuality having met Giovanni who was not afraid of his sexuality orientation irrespective of what the society thought of him (Baldwin, 1956).It can be noted that David was in love with two people Giovanni a man and Hella a woman who he had proposed earlier but had gone away to try to think about the proposal.David tries to come to term with his sexuality and it is in Giovanni’s room that he comes to term with it.The society doesn’t expect or rather allow this sexual orientation, and this is the struggle that faces David and the fear that engulfed him as he tries to come to term with what he feels (Baldwin, 1956).[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

His time in Giovanni’s room  gave him an opportunity to soul search and see find who he really was. Prior to coming to the room, he has proposed and thus was in a dillema, taking time off to figure out what he wanted. In Giovanni’s room, he comes to accept his sexual orientation which is the main change as he gets to accept himself. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]
David’s time spent in Giovanni’s room can be described as occurring underwater as it was a thing that was not open in such that since the society hadn’t approved of it and so was David who had not come to term with and thus couldn’t let the relationship known thus terming it as under water.[Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Guillaumeâ’s bar on the contrast would not have offered him such an opportiunity, this is because at the bar there are multitudes of revelers. The society at the time did not percieve sexuality liberaly as the modern society and thus David would not have had the ambience to soul search and settle on what he really wanted. Giovanni’s room provided him with the perfect setting to come to his realization.
The room though small it influences many choices making of the character David who is in a state of self-denial and showing how we as human beings build our prisons for our souls.


Baldwin, J. (1956). Giovanni’s room: A novel. New York: Dial Press.

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