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Thank you for your letter about our solar-powered lawnmowers. While we recognize that our solar-powered lawnmowers were not up to the standards that you were expecting, we will not be able to refund the money that you requested. Please accept this letter as a formal apology about our solar-powered lawnmowers, and know that you will be discounted for your next purchase at Pro Solutions Limited. While we have made every effort to put a product on the market that we believe will be efficient at cutting grass, we understand that we need to accept some of the blame for the product not lasting as long as some clients would like.

We have a wide range of products that you might be interested in purchasing that could do a better job at meeting the standards of lawn care that your company requires. We will be happy to provide you with a 50% discount off of these items. You can keep the solar-powered lawnmowers that you currently have, as they are useful when fully charged and we think you will find some use for them.

Our company is committed to customer satisfaction, so if you are not happy with any of the products you receive, we will be happy to give you a 50% discount off of your next purchase. In closing, please be aware that solar-powered lawnmower technology is not equipped to handle long durations of lawn care. If you have any further questions, please contact us either through email, or by phone at XXXXX
Thanks for your business.

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