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A company’s website describes the emotional and functional benefits of a brand to the customers. My brand website gives promises to its customers of what they can expect from products and this is the motivational factor in the purchasing power I have for their commodity. The website explains the benefit a customer would get by purchasing their product, it explains the cost of the product and their strategy for competing in the market (Chen et al., 2019). Moreover, the website portrays the brand as the top commodity in the market to attract more consumer base. As a familiar customer with the brand, the website also has offers on a promotional basis that advance the marketability of their brand (Chen et al., 2019). The communication made via the website informs, persuades, and educates the company’s clients enabling them to make an informed decision about the brand that they avail in the market including changes to expect. 

What the website conveys is in line with what the traditional advertising offer. The traditional channels educate, inform and enlighten through persuasion and convincing powers. The media also give important information about the benefits of a product that consumers would get from using the brand being marketed. Moreover, information about the brand costs and any usages upon changes are conveyed to the clients through the media the same way websites communicate their intents. Also, the usage of these traditional methods depicts the competition level that the brand experiences in its bit to attain market fame. As a result, the media used in the traditional format and the website convey the same information about the brand. The website developed its mechanism from the traditional format and it was just an advanced method of passing messages to the brand users. 


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