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Low Wages and Long Working Hours

Low Wages and Long Working Hours

The issue of most workers who work for long hours getting low wages is common in several countries and is being contributed by several factors. First, the weakened bargaining power of most workers has largely contributed to the trend. In most cases, workers with weak bargaining power usually find it hard to push for an increase in wages (Rogers, 2013). Most of these workers usually do not have proper representations through trade unions and this makes it difficult for them to push for a collective increase in their wages. It means that they are forced to accept the low wages despite working for long hours. Individuals who work for short hours and get high wages usually are well represented through trade unions. In most cases, these individuals have strong trade unions that engage in a collective push for wage increases. Secondly, the pressure of being unemployed for long usually contributes to the case of workers working for long hours and getting low wages. The fear of becoming unemployed makes most workers to accept the poor working conditions despite their high qualifications (Rogers, 2013). Thirdly, differences in productivity of workers play a vital role in the case of people working for long hours and getting low wages. In most cases, highly productive people get high wages and work for shorter hours. Highly productive workers are associated with increased profits. People who work for long hours and get low wages are usually less productive. In this case, productivity is measured by profitability rates. These individuals are usually less qualified and less productive despite their long working hours and this means that they cannot be more profitable than highly-qualified workers who are more productive.


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