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Claude Lorain was an Italian artist born in 1604 and is known for making several landscape paintings. He was famous for doing great artistic works that were recognized in Italy and other countries. One of his biggest achievements is being credited for doing the first modern abstract works (Lorrain n.p). On the other hand, Dong Qichang was a Chinese painter born in 1555. He was born a scholarly but poor family and was known to use his paintings to demonstrate how art could help people enhance their voice. He came up with an original artistic output and used that creativity to show project the path forward in the field of art.

Claude Lorain

The works of these two artists have specific characteristics that make them widely recognized. With Qichang, painting was mainly a way through which he could demonstrate the nature of the Chinese society. Even his naming of the landscape paintings demonstrates the nature of the Chinese society. Examples of his painting titles include Invitation to Reclusion at Jingxi, Landscape in the style of MiFu, and Landscape and Poems among many others (The Metropolitan Museum of Art). Lorrain, on the other hand, based his paintings on different areas in which he visited. His pieces included The Pastoral Landscape the Roman Campagna ca 1639, the Pastoral Landscape with a view of Lake Albano and Castel Gandolfo, 1639, and the Imaginary View of Tivoli 1642 (Lorrain n.p)[“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

These artists also demonstrate great contrast based on their styles and nature of paintings. They also lived in different times and used their art to demonstrate their feelings about society. Another common factor with these two artists is they made many landscape paintings. In addition, most of their paintings were very popular and influenced society at the national level.

With Lorrain Claude, art was a representation of an idealized concept of his theme. Most of his works were imaginary, and that is one of the reasons why he is considered very creative. The composition of his landscape arts depends highly on the dimensions of the used canvas. This is because they contain different features and planes (Visual Artists n.p). These include the nature of the buildings and the group of trees. On the other hand, Dong Qichang’s style was characterized by awkward use of materials. This includes the use of simple shapes such as floating in the air, illogical, tilted, and disconnection from the other. One of the outstanding features about him was that he manifested his ideas and emotions through the landscape art, but then he always used a complex brushwork. While people could easily understand the paintings, they could never get a better understanding of the brushwork. To be specific, his brushwork always combined Dong Yuan draping strokes, Wang Wei ink washes, Ni Zan ink tones, and Mi family dots (Liu n.p). In addition, he mastered the use of a winter landscape, which he borrowed from Jing Hao.

When comparing the legacies of Lorrain and Qichang, there is a visible difference. Lorrain only had a single pupil (Angeluccio). With Qichang, he was given the role of teaching the entire dynasty and this involved several pupils. Angeluccio died at a young age but still managed to make an impact during his lifetime. Even though he only had one student who died at an early age, Claude still managed to produce influential works in different parts of Europe. These include the English school from the time of Richard Wilson (1714-1782) to that of the great JMW Turner 1775-1851 (Visual Artists). This shows how good he was in his artistic works. With Qichang, he had many students in different dynasties. Initially, he was a teacher under the Ming dynasty in which he had the influential position of showing people different forms of landscape painting. The Ming dynasty understood the importance of art, and that shows why Qichang was very influential (Liu). When the Manchurians took over the Ming dynasty, they also admitted the important role of Qichang’s work and chose to retain his role as a teacher. This means that his work influences many people both directly and indirectly. His legacy managed to survive the Ming Dynasty and that of the Manchurians. In addition, his work is still recognized in China and other parts of the world. This demonstrates how big of a legacy he left behind. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

Qichang and Lorrain were influential at the national and international levels, and that shows why their works are still recognized. Their landscape paintings can be found in different museums. In addition, their painting styles were different but then different artists in the modern world have adopted them. The fascinating part about their influence was that they came from different continents but managed to revolutionize art in the world. In addition, they were willing to pass their knowledge to other persons in society. This is shown by the fact that Qichang had several classes in which he taught many students. With Lorrain, his one pupil still managed to make a meaningful contribution to society. Most of their artworks are based on their environment, and this is vivid since the Italian and Chinese environment varied largely.

Therefore, both Dong Qichang and Claude Lorrain were successful artists that managed to make a great contribution to the world. They existed during the same time but in different places. However, the difference in location did not hinder their artistic prowess. In fact, they managed to use their talents and make a difference in society. The fact that their artwork can be found in museums in the 21st Century makes them very important contributors in the field.  Based on these findings, their artwork had more differences, and that made them unique. The only similarities shared by these two artists were their influence and motivation for their work. In addition, they have left legacies that are likely to make them relevant in the coming ages.

Campo Vaccino
Lorrain made a painting named Campo Vaccino, which is based in a city in which people engage in different business activities (Artble). In addition, the painting also shows trees and a building with people dressed in Italian culture. The buildings are similar to the designs seen in Rome in the past. Animals are also visible from the painting, and this shows a society in which people are well organized with animals. That would explain why Lorrain’s artistic works are associated with the society from which he lived. With Qichang, the case was quite different.

The Shady Trees in the Summer Landscape
While considering The Shady trees in a Summer Landscape by Qichang, there is a difference with that of Lorrain. The painting is based on a landscape in which houses exist with trees, mountains, and a small road by the side (China Online Museum n.p). In this painting, there is a vivid difference in the brushwork. It relies on the use of different ink tones to create different layers. This environment could be widely associated with the Chinese society. The art is almost a three-dimensional quality, and this is due to the use of different styles in painting.

Invitation to Reclusion at Jingxl
This landscape painting is based on an environment with many rocks and vegetation. The medium is a hand scroll made up of ink with ink on paper. This painting was made in 1611 and contributes towards the view of the painter. It also shows the houses in which people lived at the time. Just as the name suggests, the painting is a representation of the environment in which Qichang lived. In addition, it also shows the manner in which humans and the environment co-exist. The interactions have influenced many things in ancient Chinese practices, as people tend to rely on the environment for their daily needs. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

Pastoral Landscape
As the title suggests, this landscape is based on a young girl that looks after goats at a fishing pond. Given the description of the area, it becomes evident that many people around the area are engaged in pastoralism. Trees are also visible from the picture, and it shows the environmental nature. The painting shows a society in which people are wealthy as the values of the cars usually fetch a higher price. The picture has different shades that define the sky and the different lanes.

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