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Dear Selection Committee:

Kindly accept my application for entrance into the nurse practitioner program. Currently, I have exhausted various opportunities at my academic level, and I believe this program will help my growth and exposure in nursing.

My philosophy is that nursing should encompass empathetic, holistic, and culturally-sensitive care to patients and their families. Based on my experience as a nurse, I believe that every nurse should act as a patient advocate, leader, manager, and teacher, aspects that deliver the highest quality of care that meet the needs of patients and enable positive patient outcomes. I am committed to life-long learning to enhance my nursing knowledge to ensure that I can provide holistic care to my patients.

Nursing has helped me positively impact the lives of many patients. There is nothing more fulfilling in a person’s career when they positively impact others’ lives. It has been a fulfilling experience working as a Registered Nurse at Paramed Home Healthcare, North York General Hospital, and Brampton Civic Hospital. I have treated patients psychologically, physically, and emotionally. I want to enhance my nursing knowledge to continue to influence my patients’ lives positively.

I chose to pursue this degree because I believe that enhancing my knowledge in nursing will equip me with information on the latest advances regarding care and treatment to help meet the ever-changing needs of my patients.

The degree will enhance my career by staying up to date with nursing information and modern medical practices. It will help me keep up with current nursing standards to continue improving patients’ lives.

I will use the degree to advance patient care and health care outcomes by relying on up-to-date procedures to provide quality care. I believe that nursing is prone to procedural changes, and it is essential to remain updated with these changes, something I will achieve through the degree. The degree will help me ensure that I do not unintentionally provide my patients with inadequate care due to the lack of up-to-date nursing knowledge.

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