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Uber, the ride-sharing app, has become a ubiquitous commodity for many commuters in various cities around the world due to its convenience and cost; however, transportation groups are protesting its legalization since the company is not subject to the same stringent regulatory requirements that many taxi companies are required to follow. Many supporters of Uber point out that the resistance of taxi franchises against its legalization is merely the result of an industry implementing protectionist measures against a “game-changer” that could revolutionize the way in which commuters travel within cities. [Click Essay Writer to order your essay]

However, transport groups correctly point out that regulations are there for a reason since they help to ensure the safety of passengers as well as ensure that price gouging does not occur. Since Uber charges passengers significantly more during peak traffic hours, or when there are adverse weather conditions (sometimes three times the average price in some cases), the taxi franchises do have a point.

The appeal of Uber lies in its accessibility since it enables people to quickly contact a driver and reach their destination. Taxi franchises often rely on landline number for people to call before a taxi can be dispatched to a precise location if one is available in the immediate vicinity. Uber mostly addresses a need that transport franchises have not resolved due to stagnancy in the way they operate. [Need an essay writing service? Find help here.]

All in all, it can be stated that taxi franchises did have a point when they said that Uber should be subject to regulatory requirements given the need to ensure passenger safety and to prevent price gouging. It is recommended that while current Uber cars can continue to operate, the company should be required to adhere to a set of regulations that govern how it can work within a city. This includes requiring drives to register under a new designation for App based operations, ensuring that all Uber cars have insurance and that proper taxes are paid to the government. By implementing these requirements, this ensures that Uber operates legally and under a regulatory framework that ensures passengers are protected. [“Write my essay for me?” Get help here.]

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