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I consider Brian Williams to be a leader because he is responsible for hosting his own show and presenting information to the general American public. He is one of the most inspiring people I know because he worked very hard from a modest background to get to his current position. He has become a celebrity household name in the United States because he is known for presenting different news segments with information from all over the world. Brian Williams acts like a leader because he takes control of his shows and determines the information that he communicates to the rest of the country.


Brian Williams is one of the few people I know who do not have a degree, but they have managed to rise up excellently in the world. As a leader, he sets a very good example for everybody else because he shows that success is possible for those who work diligently towards it. The main characteristics he possesses that makes him stand out as a leader are his God-fearing qualities, the fact that he is a family man and the respect that he manages to command from others in society.

Brian Williams behaves very modestly despite the fact that he is a celebrity, and he ends up setting a good example for everybody else around him. Similarly, Williams is known for being serious because he always considers the importance of hard work in achieving his goals. His seriousness can be seen in the manner in which he presents information on television, the passion that he has to communicate with the rest of the country. Williams is also an intelligent man, and this shows with the facts that he knows and presents in television in addition to the fact that he has managed to rise so high in the world without a degree.

He attended Mater Dei High School after which he volunteered to work for 3 years at a fire department. Thereafter, he would attend several colleges, eventually dropping out from his last one and getting an internship at the White House Administration for President Carter. He started broadcasting in Pittsburg before securing a job at CBS station in New York, became a White House correspondent and started anchoring the news on MSNBC. The points I believe that Williams can still improve on is relating directly with other people, particularly those who do not work for the media.

The one piece of advice I can give Brian Williams directly is that telling the truth, particularly in his job, can easily be the difference between life and death. I would like to tell him that his broadcasting job is among the most important responsibilities in society because he is responsible for spreading awareness, information, and knowledge to all corners of the country. Therefore, he should refrain from ‘editing’ stories, such as the recent story on Iran about a helicopter and getting shot at. Telling the truth would be absolutely important in securing his status in the community.


The members of my group were myself, Emily, and John, and the three qualities talked about from the selected leaders were their link to TV, being public figures, and all of their involvement with the White House. The selected leaders were; John chose to talk about Ronald Reagan, Emily choose to speak about Ellen Degrenses and I chose Brian Williams. There was very good communication in the group with no conflicts, and despite us not having a leader, we are an Emergent Group. The communication within the group was excellent, and it was possible for us to find similarities with our choices on the basis of what we consider as good leaders in the community.

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