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  1. Subaru Legacy- Made in Japan

The Japanese population provides a good source of labor. Amongst the main aspects of the populace is that it offers cheap labor. People in Japan are willing and able to work at a relatively low cost, owing to the high competition for jobs. Also, the laws of the country allow immigrants to seek renewable employment contracts, thereby adding to the supply of affordable labor.

  1. Delta Crib- Made in Indonesia

Indonesia is well-endowed with wood, the material used to make the Delta Cribs. The country’s 91 million hectares of forest cover provide for the timber needs of the company that manufactures the cribs (European Timber Trade Association). It is cheap for the company to make the cribs in the same place where it sources timber. 

  1. Hemnes IKEA Dresser- Made in China, although developed in Sweden. Most of the manufacturing is done in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Myanmar

IKEA is a company that is domiciled in Sweden. Its connection to the country sparks the need to develop its products there. However, expanding its market to other countries has enabled the company to move its production activities to other countries that provide the right conditions for the activity, such as raw materials and affordable labor.

  1. Vitamix Blender- Made in the USA

A large percentage of the Vitamix blender parts are made in the USA (Knittel). Availability of the parts in the same country where the manufacturing country is domiciled makes the USA a favorable place for manufacturing the blenders. 

  1. Ferrero Rocher Chocolates- origin Italy but made in Canada

Ferrero’s products have a large market in North America. For this reason, the company has established a cocoa processing plant in Brantford (Ferrero). The processing plant ensures that the company can serve its customers with ease, owing to its proximity to the market. 

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