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Introduction to Business

Introduction to Business

List of items

  1. Subaru Legacy – Made in Japan
  2. Delta Crib – Made in Indonesia
  3. Hemnes Ikea Dresser – Made in China although developed in Sweden.

                                      Most of the manufacturing is done in China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar.

  1. Vitamix Blender – Made in the USA
  2. Ferrore Rocher Chocolates – Origin Italy but made in Canada


The Subaru Legacy, Made in Japan through Subaru Corporation, has the best technology of a water-cooled, normal rail turbodiesel engine that utilizes a variable turbocharger geometry referred to as Subaru EE engine. Globally, the engine is validated at 350 N.m (260 ft-Ib) and 110kW (150 PS, 148 hp) with a 2.0 litres displacement. Subaru Corporation Japan is internationally recognized with its Legacy sedan that has a manual transmission of 5-speed. The Baby Cribbed is a Delta wooden bed, white in colour, manufactured in Indonesia. Indonesia manufactures a solid Delta Crib bed from the hard Mahogany wood. This makes it the most appropriate furniture, which is very strong for lying babies and not likely to break easily.

The Sweedish Ikea home furnishing expert has launched its outlets in China’s Capital, Shanghai. Through the Tmall flagship, Ikea’s brand strategy has made Hemnes Dresser accessible via the Chinese market. Diversification of store formats by enhancing online channels provides sufficient customer feedback enabling the growth of the product. Vitax is the most trusted blender by chefs and provides a restaurant experience in the kitchen. The blender is built with a higher level of durability and is not easily disposable. Ferrero rocher is the world’s second-largest confectionery and chocolate producing company. The international reputation makes it the suitable producer of chocolates. The company prioritizes product integrity by including favors enjoyed by most consumers

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