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Business Communication

The purpose of this letter is to discuss my growth as a business communicator. In particular, I want to inform you about my learning experience in business communications and the important role this course will play in my professional life as my career advances.


My writing and presentation skills have evolved throughout the course. I have learned the importance of relying on facts, as I rely on up-to-date and credible sources to back up claims. Additionally, I have learned to be concise in my writing to get and keep people’s attention. Also, I learned the need to use powerful visuals in a presentation to make it more engaging and dynamic. I ensure that I am detailed in my writing, which is important for professional writers, as it helps avoid clarifying details to readers. The course has also helped me learn the importance of tone in professional writing.


I excelled in presentation, and I believe that I could have improved in using sophisticated tools in presenting my work. As my career advances, the course content will be key in my professional writing tasks.


The course allowed me to work collaboratively with others. I learned that it helps a person learn from others, as people have different ideas. I believe that I have benefited from participating in this project.


I look forward to applying the course content in my career.





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