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Question 1

         Stars do not turn into planets since a star is much bigger than a planet with a nuclear reaction in its core. However, some stars can turn into a planet, such as brown stars, also known as failed stars. Brown dwarfs possess features of both planets and stars. Also, they are located at the solar system center like regular stars with planets orbiting around them. These stars do not lack gravitational force for supporting hydrogen nuclear fusion. They can support deuterium or heavy hydrogen fusion (Pandey, 2021). Therefore, it generates energy from the early reaction and emits light like an average star in the early stages while emitting deuterium fuel quickly. The reaction stops, and the brown dwarf star stops emitting light and heat. It then cools down and dims hence resembling a planet.

Question 2

A black hole refers to a region in spacetime with a stronger gravity that no electronic radiation or particles can escape. From a personal perspective, if people could enter the black hole only to the point where matter or light passes inward, tidal forces would reduce an individual’s body mass into atomic strands via a process known as spaghettification. The body of individuals will then crush and pop up another dimension or in a singularity dimension where spacetime does not exist (Impey, 2020). Similarly, the space shuttle will be separated into pieces due to spaghettification. The spaceship will be wretched from viewing due to the acceleration of cosmic expansion. However, if the black hole is smaller, the stretching force is weaker than average while the gravity is more vigorous; hence it might not kill people.


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