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When you interact with Omar, you always get the sense that he is a positive person who values the bonds of friendship. It might be due to the intensity that radiates from his eyes, the big smile on his face, or a combination of both, but he displays positivity. However, as a longtime friend, I have had uncountable interactions with Omar, and our friendship is a testament to his positive. I decided to interview Omar to find out his positive nature and its effect on our friendship. Omar shows his courage by agreeing to do the interview and open up without fear of emotional intimacy. Due to the length and nature of our friendship, Omar quickly opened up, and the interview became like simply having a conversation. 

Omar’s mother has had a significant influence on his character since childhood despite the numerous challenges she had to overcome. The influence is evident in how much Omar valued his mother when I asked whom we would interview among anyone from life without hesitation because of her experiences. It was clear to me that his positive personality was a result of empathy when he remarked, “My mom been through a lot of difficult situations, so me listening to her will change me and make me stronger.” He admits that he is not a perfect person and will have to learn and mature as he grows up. 

It is one of the main reasons we have been friends for a long time. However, I had to ask him the reasons that make us such good friends. You could tell his excitement about our friendship when his face lit up after I asked the question. His value for loyalty and honesty as an essential element of friendship was evident. He said, “What makes us good friends is that we do not lie to each other and got each other’s back when we need each other.” 

It was the value and bond of our friendship that has made us close and feel like we are family. When I asked him to describe, Omar, while smiling, states, “I will just say this you are my brother from another mother.” At this point, one can realize that honesty and loyalty are ways of expressing care in a relationship, according to Omar. He views every situation from a positive perspective. He further describes himself by remarking, “I am positive person because I got this from my mom because she is a person positive about almost everything.” Once, again it is clear the significant influence of his mother on his character. 

Omar and I usually share our future ambitions, where we both have families and are business partners. He understands that the future might not be different from how we imagine, but it does not affect his view that our friendship will last long. His positivity and excitement about our future and friendship are evident in what he thinks it will look like. Omar states, “I think in 10 years we will be married, and everyone will have a family and for sure we will have our own business.” On us losing contact with each other, he remarks, “I think there is 0.0001 chance and I hope not, but you never know what life have for you.” Moreover, he applies his positivity to himself, too, affirming that he is still proud of himself despite not achieving some personal goals. Omar says I am proud of myself, but not really because there are a lot of things I have not achieved yet.”

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